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Can't wrap my heat around metabolism and skipping meals

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    Employing the "grazing" approach was something that I think really messed up my metabolism to a certain extent. It seems like when I'm grazing (or eating more frequent small meals), I just get hungry more often. When I eat 2 or 3 larger meals (notice I said "larger" - not "large" or "huge") and those meals are healthy & primal with plenty of the right things (protein, veg, fat), then I simply don't get hungry as often and I've consquently been eating fewer calories overall.


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      I've heard of another benefit of avoiding snacking and only eating 2/3 meals a day - that it gives your pancreas sufficient time to recover between feeds.

      Sorry, I don't have any references. I heard this from a nutritionist who recommends grain-free diets and many elements of paleo and primal nutrition. He said that digestion of a meal on average kills 50 pancreas cells. The pancreas has to work hard producing up to around 25 protein and fat digesting enzymes to digest a meal. It only produces 1 carb-digesting enzyme (that says it all!). On average it takes 6 hours for the pancreas to fully recover after a meal. Therefore one should ideally aim for at least 6 hours between meals.

      The majority of people consuming SAD have compromised pancreas function due to eating patterns among other problems. Apart from diabetes, pancreatic inflammation and disease receive too little attention as there is so much focus on liver disease. Ironically, an under-performing pancreas puts more stress on the liver.

      Of course, the better one's pancreas is functioning:
      (a) the more optimal the absorption of nutrients and macronutrients from food
      (b) the more completely proteins are broken down, which reduces the risk of immune reactions to protein fragments
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        When I'm feeling ill fasting makes me feel much much better. It seems to be a time for your body to repair itself.
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          Originally posted by Mhatcher17 View Post
          So how do you know if there is damage?
          From this:
          MY LEPTIN PRESCRIPTION - Jack Kruse
          1. First make sure you really are Leptin resistant (LR) to begin with.
          The easiest way to do this if you are heavy is to look in the mirror. If you’re overweight you definitely are Leptin resistant. If you still have a large appetite and crave carbohydrates, especially at night, these are also signs that you are likely Leptin resistant. If you are fit or in decent shape and not sure based upon the above symptoms, I would tell you to go get a blood test and check your reverse T3. It will be elevated. I also recommend simultaneously checking a salivary cortisol level. With LR, you will always see higher cortisol levels later in the day.
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            It's helpful for me to think in terms of hormones.

            It's not about metabolism, as much as it is getting our body in the right place when it comes to hormones.

            This is the whole idea of hormesis--we introduce our bodies to a small stressor that brings about a beneficial change.

            That's the point of fasting. It brings about a hormetic change that lets our bodies know that it's okay to burn stored fat for fuel, and that your body actively wants to be leaner. There's some good stuff about hormesis here if you want to check it out: Hormesis*/* Getting Stronger