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    Hello everyone. I've been reading through The Primal Blueprint and have been really wanting to transition into this lifestyle change, but old bad habits are holding me back. Right now I'm a 19 year old student attending college. I've been trying to make meals centered around foods that are good for me, but I slip a lot due to sugar cravings and whatnot.

    The thing I need most is simple, quick meals that provide me with all nutrients I need. For example: for breakfast I usually have been trying to make eggs and bacon with a side of fruit. This one isn't too bad for me to accomplish.

    My other meals though are the problem. Lunch and dinner are killing me. I can't seem to stay away from unhealthy fast foods and carbs. For lunches I've been *trying* to eat a chicken breast and fruit. Also, I'm having a very hard time kicking the soda habit. Any suggestions for quick and healthy meals (for breakfast, lunch, or dinner) are welcome.

    Some other problems I've been having while trying to transition into the Primal lifestyle are:

    1. Sleep habits - Right now I need to get up at 6. That gives me enough time to prepare breakfast, get ready for school, and do some sprints (Primal Law # 5). I'm having massive problems though getting enough sleep, and when 6 o'clock rolls around I can't get out of bed and miss out on my sprints and even being able to make breakfast. I've been trying to get to bed around 10 so I can get 8 hours of sleep, but often times I have distractions (family moving around making noise) and only get light sleep.

    2. For some reason I have never liked vegetables. I can't stand the taste of most vegetables despite having a massive desire to like them. I really want to enjoy eating vegetables in abundance.

    Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated! Thank you all!

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    I do not like veggies either. I bought a champion juicer and now I just get my veggies that way. I juice

    5-10 carrots, broccoli, green collards, beets, kale all sorts of veggies. I drink em 1 - 2 times a day. Just guzzle.


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      Try making veggies different ways. Sometimes steamed (microwaved) veggies just aren't that good. Another quick way to do them is in a stir fry, sauteed in olive or coconut oil on the stove.

      My favorite way to do veggies right now is to roast them, look on FlyNavyWife's blog for a good primer on how to do that (it's really easy, and a lot more delicious than steaming!).

      The best way to break the soda habit is just to stop. Don't let it be an option. Same with the fast food, especially when you're new to this. You'll have to plan at first to make sure that you have what you need food-wise during the day, but you won't get over the "convenience" of fast food until you're used to not letting it be an option.

      You are what you eat,
      and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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        I second the stir frying of vegetables, cut them in small pieces, add some light olive oil, throw the whole thing in there (though you will learn some vegs need slightly more time than others, consider the thickness and add thicker veggies first then the lighter thinner ones at the end) toss the whole mess around, add a little bit of soy sauce for flavor (if you like soy sauce) some spices, pepper, garlic powder (actual chopped garlic is much better though) tiny bit of salt if you need it and eat it up. Put a nice chicken, fish or cut of beef next to it and you're ready to go.

        Shop and cut ahead of time. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think your vegs will go bad any faster if you cut them ahead of time. Maybe don't cut the whole batch but enough to make 2-3 different meals so that you don't have to worry about prepping everything you can just throw it in the pan. It will take 5 minutes, no excuses on this one.

        As far as soda goes, 3 years ago I started watering down soda if I wanted some. I'm talking 3/4 water and some soda for "flavor". I would of course suggest you get rid of it completely now but it may help you if you just add water to it, at least you won't be taking in as much sugar if you were drinking the whole can. Eventually you should be able to let go of it. You could also start making some juices, or lemonade with not too much sugar.

        I'm not sure if "juicing" vegetables is a wise suggestion, I'm positive you get the nutrients that way but won't he just be hungry? what's he to eat then? If you develop a taste for vegetables and a side of protein in the way of meat/chicken/fish you won't go hungry. I'm still learning how to incorporate fats into my diet so I'm sure someone else will jump in with helpful info on that.

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