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    So, I have been noticing a few symptoms in my self, that I think might be related to inadequate stomach acid. I have acne, that has cleared up somewhat since going off of dairy but not completely. Sometimes I feel like I'm not digesting my food very efficiently. Up until several months ago, I ate a diet very high in carbohydrates (grains and dairy, both of which I'm intolerant to on top of it all!!) which I have read can contribute to messing up the amount of acid in your stomach, leg cramps at night, and I've also seen "autoimmune disease" listed as a symptom (I have MS). I tried the "trial" with betaine HCL (twinlab brand) that seems to be generally suggested to see if you are hypochlohydric: take one capsule with each meal, and if you don't expierience a "warm" sensation in your stomach, then take two, etc...until you get the warm sensation then back down one capsule. Just now, I am up to 3, and do feel a slight warming sensation in my stomach that I didn't feel with one or two. So I think I will stick with two and see how it goes! From what I've heard, it looks like eventually the body will start producing more HCL on its own, and you will be able to stop the supplementation.

    Any thoughts or other people's expieriences with betaine HCL supplementation would be welcome!! I am by no means an expert on this subject--acutally just started looking into it, so if I am mistaken about anything, please feel free to correct me!

    I thought this post on the subject was interesting:

    (p.s.--I have also posted this on the forum--I just wanted to put it here in case there are some people who only visit here and visa-versa)

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