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Am J Clin Nut article supporting lean beef

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  • Am J Clin Nut article supporting lean beef

    I would estimate at least once a week a patient in my clinic states he or she is "eating healthy (sic)" by avoiding red meat.

    It is refreshing to see something like this:

    Men's Health Online published a spot about a new article published showing lean beef can have a role in lowering cholesterol!

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    Did you see how that study was designed? They made two group eat predominantly white meat while 2 other groups ate mostly redmeat. Out of these, the group with the lowest net carbs had the lowest total cholesterol, lowest triglycerides and was tied with 2 groups for the lowest LDL.

    The takeaway from this study seems to be that lean redmeat isn't as bad as previously thought. But look closely and the designers introduced confounding factors by playing around with red vs. white and proportions of redmeat. Those with lower proportions had higher carbs: this is the substitution effect. In other words, what you're trying to prove is distorted by what you're replacing the independent variable with.

    Mind you, none of the groups did low carbing: net carbs ranged from 206g to 265g. But even at these elevated levels, the lower the carbs the better the lipids. So the correct takeaway is that the lowest net carb diet will give you the best cholesterol numbers -- not in fact that eating lean redmeat isn't so bad for your lipids. That, actually, happens to be incidental to carb consumption, especially when menu included such wholesome carb (sugar) items like chocolate chip cookies, whole-wheat crackers, pretzels, and canned peaches.
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