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    I wanted to let all of you critique my choice of foods that I chose for doing beginning stages of going primal. I am avoiding as much as possible eating foods out away from home cooked meals. I often steam alot of my foods such as veggies,chicken rather than baking, grilling etc. But right now I work 4 nights a week and I take with me a bottle of water but I do add a flavor packet which is usually tea,lemonade flavor often 0 cal. I also take a salad with cherry tomatoes,grilled/steamed chicken mixed in the salad often 4oz. or 6oz. of chicken to be exact. I avoid salt on almost anything I go for Mrs. Dash given it gives nice flavor without the negative effects of salt. Breakfast often is either a bagel, oatmeal, cereal,eggs,bacon or I often make a breakfast sandwich. I admit my worst meal for Primal is breakfast which I will work on. I do add sugar to my iced tea but I will begin to weed that out and use sweeteners instead plain iced tea for me just is not very tasty. My lunches vary from time to time so it is tough for me to say in detail what I do for lunch. But I welcome any ideas but my dinners I wont change much due to I think it is pretty in touch with Primal way of eating.

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    Dinner sounds perfect. Try eggs with salmon or turkey and peppers/onions + a piece of fruit for breakfast -- get away from your grains. If you only like iced tea with sugar, then you really just like the sugar! Try sparkling water. That's my two cents!


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      Yeah I did go on a cruise recently and favored Club Soda over normal tea,soda. I do buy the bulk tangerines or cuties as they are called in the store which I can add that to my eggs as a side for now, I do not have any salmon/turkey on hand at moment but I can see what is available at the store.