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Wieght Gain after 10 days of Primal

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  • Wieght Gain after 10 days of Primal

    So I'm a newbie and have been eating Primal for 10 days now. I've been following the guidelines fairly closely, and while I am trying very hard not to be a slave to the scale, I stepped on it this morning and found I'd gained 2 pounds, which is rather disappointing, as I'd suspect the biggest weight drop to be in the first couple of weeks and my weight had been holding steady for the last two months, so this is a bit strange, I'm not the type that fluctuates very much from day to day.

    Any tips? thoughts? comments? I just don't want to get discouraged so early on in the transition.

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    How about size? Do you notice a difference in measurements and/or clothing fit?

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      Not enough info.

      M or F, height, BF%, age, exercise, what do you eat.

      I am willing to bet female, over 40, under 5'4.

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        Oh sorry, info:

        Female, 29 yo, height 5'5, 178 lbs, body fat? (last time I had it done was in Sept 09 and it was 29% I think)

        Exercise: Before Primal, heavy on cardio and some strength, but basically have replaced that with P90X Classic (just about to start week 4) and that's all I can commit to now (living in freezing Canada and writing thesis not conducive to walking outside very much!)


        Breakfast = 3 egg omelet or unsweetened almond milk shake with protein powder

        Lunch = Homemade salmon cake (with egg, ground almond, celery onions) and 2/3 cup of vegetables

        Or something like Mark's big ass salad with 3 oz of chicken

        Dinner = 4 - 5 oz of ground lamb, or beef meatballs, or a sausage and a pretty substantial vegetable salad

        Snacks = Brazil nuts, almonds, a little bit of cheese and/or an apple...snacks have been pretty minimal.

        All meat is local and pastured/free range..vegetables a bit harder to get local, but try to get organic when possible (wish I lived in California some days!)

        And my measurements have changed from the last time I took them, Jan 6th, which was before I started primal, but I would expect my weight to change before my measurements..

        Thanks for any comments!


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          Honestly, your measurements changing are much more significant than anything the scale could tell you. So as long as you're not DIEING to see the pounds off the scale, you should be just fine continuing the way you are. Remember, muscle is much more dense than fat.

          Now, I'm by no means a very experienced grok, but I know that others have had problems with losing weight and consuming nuts, and your diet seems like it includes a good amount of nuts. I'd recommend to try to go without nuts for about 7-10 days and see if that helps.


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            I'll second the amount of nuts. I was consuming around 2-4 servings of almonds a day and I was not seeing any weight loss. I lowered the servings to 1 a day and I started seeing the weight drop. Nuts are a very nutrient dense food and it can be surprising how many calories you get just from a handful.

            Have you tried tracking your food through fitday? That can help clear up any loose ends.


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              Thanks for the tips - especially re: nuts. It's true - I *may* have been going nuts on the nuts (sorry,couldn't help it!). I've been using DailyPlate to record my food, but maybe I need to be a bit more vigilant with the nut intake.

              I'll keep on trucking and see what happens!


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                i agree with the above. Take into account the fack that you arent going to find nuts often in the wild and if you do you put in a hell of a lot of work to get them.... Ever try cracking a macadamia nut before? Try getting one nut let alone several cups of nuts.