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  • Update.

    My iodine patch has now lasted for over 14 hours, quite clearly. One drop of 3% Lugol's in water , 3 times a week. 2 brazil nuts daily. Good food , D3 sups. And NO TRIP TO HOSPITAL, GRIZZ! No zits, no bloating, no problems.

    PLEASE - stick to YOUR protocol - and we will do as we want. Thanks .

    @ paleobird, radialhead, cori and ALL OF GRIZZ"S other trolls (???!!!) - thanks for your common sense and good humour, and balance. We might get through , eventually....
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    • Originally posted by t2t View Post
      Here is another film about Aluminum, I mean chemtrails. I need a drink...
      Originally posted by breadsauce View Post
      Virginities??!! What sort of disease is that??!!
      t2t went back and changed it to vaginitis. Maybe the "honored guest" has already had one too many today.


      • Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
        He went back and changed it to vaginitis. Maybe the "honored guest" has already had one too many today.
        Well, thank God for that! As a male (who takes iodine) it is probably something I shall never suffer from. Now, vertiginous - I do suffer badly! ~(I suffered from virginities for some years in my teens, too!)


        • Originally posted by t2t View Post
          In 1953 Dr Orian Truss discovered the devastating effects of antibiotics in an Alabama (USA) hospital. During a ward round Truss was intrigued by a gaunt, apparently elderly man who was obviously dying. However, he was only in his forties and in hospital for four months. No specialist had been able to make a diagnosis. Out of curiosity Truss asked the patient when he was last completely well.

          The man answered that he was well until six months before when he had cut his finger. He had received antibiotics for this. Shortly afterwards he developed diarrhea and his health deteriorated. Truss had seen before how antibiotics cause diarrhea. It was known that Candida was opportunistic and thrived in debilitated patients, but now Truss wondered if it might not be the other way round, that Candida actually caused the debilitated condition.

          He had read that potassium iodide solution could be used to treat Candida infestation of the blood. So he put the patient on six to eight drops of Lugol's solution four times a day for 3 weeks and soon the patient was again completely well.

          Soon afterwards he had a female patient with a stuffy nose, a throbbing headache, vaginitis and severe depression. To his amazement all her problems immediately cleared with Candida treatment. Sometime later he saw a female patient who had been schizophrenic for six years with hundreds of electroshock treatments and massive drug dosages. He started treating the woman for sinus allergies with a Candida remedy. Soon she had recovered mentally and physically, and remained well.

          From then on he treated his patients against Candida at the slightest indication of its presence. Many of his patients made remarkable recoveries from most unusual conditions, including menstrual problems, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and auto-immune diseases such as Crohn's disease and lupus erythematosus.

          Every experienced naturopath can relate similar success stories. Also some alternative medical practitioners have realized the curative potential of anti-Candida therapy, as for instance Dr William Crook who wrote several books about the successful treatment of allergies and hyperactive children.

          6 verticle drops, that would be 37.5 mg of Lugol's 5% solution. At 4 times a day that would be about 150 milligrams of iodine a day. 8 drops four times a day would be about 200 mg's a day. t2t
          Perhaps you would like to provide a link or source for this information so that it may be seen in context to other information... or at least be available for those interesting in checking source credibility.

          Otherwise credibility will have to be taken at face value, which is slim indeed...
          “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
          ~Friedrich Nietzsche
          And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


          • I don't like being "recruited" as one of Grizz's inner circle. If anyone remembers, I came in demanding a lot of scientific proof. It was only the appearance of LynneF that lent any sanity to all this and convinced me that Iodine was probably OK, or at least it wouldn't harm me that much. Hopefully her book will be less imposing.

            That said, I'm not taking full ATP cofactors. I'm only taking about a half-dose worth. A couple times, I would feel somewhat shaky after taking it. Is this the "flush" I hear about? If so, I'm very afraid to take the full ATP pill. I'd rather limit my iodine intake to under 10 mg and scale the supplements accordingly.

            The one warning I'm worried about is for anyone who may have undiagnosed thyroid issues. Wouldn't all this iodine really be a problem in that case? Yes, 90% of us may not experience anything, but I can see Grizz not wanting to take chances. Now, if only he would SAY it like that without going crackpot...

            Paleo girl, congrats on nipping the acne! I can't seem to find a happy balance. If I just brush on Lugol's I get no effect. If I apply Lugol's with a soaked band-aid I kill an entire layer of skin. I do not want to take chances with my face or chest, so I still use Tazorac (Rx) which works pretty well.
            5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


            • @Radialhead,
              Just to clarify my position on Stonehenge and the Pyramids I said in so many words that I had been told that Aliens had built the great pyramids. (By magazine articles, TV documentaries, etc...) Scientists and Engineers were quick to point out that no present day machinery can come close to the precision that the stones were cut. It just cast some doubt in my mind that men could do it. As to Stonehenge I felt about it the same way I do Coral Castle in Florida. That probably a man had achieved it. Edward Leedskalnin, who built Coral Castle, said that he had learned the secrets of the Great Pyramids. If you study his life, he worked in logging as a young man. Many scientists think it is there that he learn to use very long logs and chain hoists to leverage the great stones. But the Giant Pyramids built in soft sands were a different animal. So when I saw the great video on Wally, who was using leverage to make his own Stonehenge it made me lose any doubts that mere man (Thousands of men) was the true builders of the pyramids. Do I believe in Aliens? In a Universe as big as ours! Sure…


              Thank you for pointing out that I misspelled the V word in the Dr Truss post. I posted why, in the why box.

              @Paleogirl Thank you for pointing out, that Breadsauce pointed out my misspelled word. You are quite Astute! As to Doctors, my heart doctors worked hard to kill me. On my own I have searched relentlessly to find a way to clean out my arteries. I have 3 stents. IODINE, SELENOMETHIONINE, D3, K2- MK4, and MAGNESIUM have been life changing for me. I have taken iodine for almost 5 years and I just NOW am taking more cofactors. I am not telling anyone too, not see Doctors.

              I am just stating what my heart doctors did for (to) me.

              Be well,


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              • Originally posted by oxide View Post
                I don't like being "recruited" as one of Grizz's inner circle. If anyone remembers, I came in demanding a lot of scientific proof. It was only the appearance of LynneF that lent any sanity to all this and convinced me that Iodine was probably OK, or at least it wouldn't harm me that much. Hopefully her book will be less imposing.

                That said, I'm not taking full ATP cofactors. I'm only taking about a half-dose worth. A couple times, I would feel somewhat shaky after taking it. Is this the "flush" I hear about? If so, I'm very afraid to take the full ATP pill. I'd rather limit my iodine intake to under 10 mg and scale the supplements accordingly.

                The one warning I'm worried about is for anyone who may have undiagnosed thyroid issues. Wouldn't all this iodine really be a problem in that case? Yes, 90% of us may not experience anything, but I can see Grizz not wanting to take chances. Now, if only he would SAY it like that without going crackpot...

                Paleo girl, congrats on nipping the acne! I can't seem to find a happy balance. If I just brush on Lugol's I get no effect. If I apply Lugol's with a soaked band-aid I kill an entire layer of skin. I do not want to take chances with my face or chest, so I still use Tazorac (Rx) which works pretty well.
                You & everyone else are simply iodine interested researchers and totally free to do whatever you want with no interference from me. Your questions are all answered in Iodine References.
                Complete details, dosage & research on ATP cofactors, found in SUPPLEMENTS chapter.
                Ditto undiagnosed thyroid problems in the chapter, Start Taking Iodine

                If you don't find what you are looking for there, let me know.

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                • Ground breaking iodine research has been taking place at the Iodine CureZone:
                  Iodine Supplementation Support Forum by VWT Team, Page 264, Vulcanel, Wombat & Trapper/kcmo:

                  One of the list owners is Trapper who has developed a rule for starting out on iodine which are counter-intuitive and require a leap of faith to implement. He says to START Lugol or iodoral iodine at 100mg (with required supplements) which expedites detox into just a few days. He insists starting with a small dose and titrating up slowly simply prolongs the agony of detox. I have been following his newbee members with interest. Here is one of his latest success stories, Zophie (from our group) who is verifying Trapper's procedures for us:
                  First week at 100mg at Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team (MessageID: 1964396)
                  That message thread continues below the message.

                  I have added Trapper's procedures as an alternative into "Iodine References"

                  Same old rules apply for Pulse Dosing & Salt Flush in the event of NASTY detox issues.

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                  • STORY TELLING TIME: JDW'S STORY - 1
                    A new section started in Iodine References called Stories
                    #306 I'm just a lurker and I'm not Dr. Kruse but I do/have used A LOT of iodine and have done a lot of research on it. I don't think the patch test is very reliable for whole body sufficiency. Here is a link about that:The bioavailability of iodine applied to the skin

                    I take well over 100MG of iodine a day. I take 100MG of iodoral and 30MG of lugols and I'm still ramping up. The thinking there is that the lugols will work in the stomach and the iodoral passes through to the intestines from a direct contact perspective. I detoxed HARD but I shrunk my thyroid nodules by at least 90% within two weeks (well, my goiter shrunk by 90%, haven't ultrasounded the nodules). It also made my hemorrhoids disappear! I LOVE the stuff. I also don't think you can really take too much because what isn't used is just secreted in the urine. Now, is that good long term, probably not BUT I wouldn't think 50MG would put you anywhere near that level anyway. Plus I take the companion nutrients and lots of SALT! It has made a world of difference for me although I have light years to go in order to be optimal. Iodine was simply the first step.
                    #326 Hello Everyone!
                    Grizz asked me to kindly come on over and share my iodine experience with you all so here I am. I am by no means an expert but what I can say is that HIGH dose iodine shrank my thyroid goiter by 90% and my hemorrhoids are gone SOOOO, it's been working pretty darn well for me!

                    I take about 130MG a day and the companion nutrients, especially the unrefined sea salt. I split my dose between iodoral and lugols. I figure if I do it that way, I have a better chance of killing nasties in the stomach. If you just take the iodoral, it passes the stomach and goes directly to the small intestine. So, I get a one-two punch. For cancer treatment, they will prescribe up to and sometimes over 300 MG so it's definitely safe. I've been doing it for MONTHS with no ill effects as of yet.

                    I will not always take this much but right now I'm trying to kill pathogens, shrink tumors, and push out Bromine and toxic halides. I had a lot of detox symptoms... acne, rash, sinus pain and pressure, aches and pains BUT I pushed through to the other side and I'm doing much better now. I used salt flushes to lessen the discomfort. The first week, my thyroid goiter swelled up like a balloon and it hurt. I got scared. I almost stopped BUT I knew that SOMETHING was happening with my thyroid which had to mean it was using the iodine in some way so I gave it time and then suddenly it profoundly shrank. Other people have also experienced the shrinking of goiters very quickly.

                    Dr. David Brownstein is the doc whose protocol I've followed. He is an alternative medicine guy and he has written books about Iodine. Not novels, but his take on iodine and salt and for whatever reason, I trusted him and I'm glad I did. One of the books is "Iodine-Why You Need It" and "Salt Your Way to Health".

                    The PDF document that someone posted here is a link to a file in my "junk" folder and I reference it often! The most important thing is to be sure you are adding the companion nutrients if you are going to go high-dose.

                    I hope this has helped and feel free to ask me anything and I'll help as much as I can. Sorry for the big convoluted ramble...
                    #327 Originally Posted by Gwynn
                    Help! This article states that kelp is not a desirable source for iodine.

                    Dr. Brownstein has stated in the past that it can be contaminated and it's hard to determine what dose you are getting. I would guess that once you've reached whole body sufficiency it would be a fine way to maintain if you knew your kelp was from a good source but is it enough to reach sufficiency is the question. I think docs disagree but I figure, if I'm excreting the excess in my urine, why not load the heck up to reach sufficiency faster!
                    #329 Originally Posted by jingjianasdfq63
                    This isn't the type of iodine your body can efficiently use, it's only half of the iodine we need. The more bio-avaiable form is what you get in seaweed etc, or Celtic/Himalayan unprocessed salt. I recently read up on this in primal Body, Primal Mind. Iodide is what they add to refined table-salt.

                    Dr. Brownstein would disagree. Iodoral contains BOTH iodine (40%) and iodide (60%). Lugol's also contains both, 10% iodide-5%iodine-85% distilled water. There is a whole section of his book on the difference between iodide and iodine...

                    Iodine-Why You need it (pg 56-58):
                    ...It was thought that the intestinal tract could easily convert iodine to iodide, but research has shown this is not true. Different tissues of the body respond to the different forms of iodine. The thyroid gland primarily utilizes iodide. To decrease the incidence of goiter, potassium iodide was added to table salt... The breasts, on the other hand, primarily utilize iodine. Studies have shown that iodine deficiency can alter the structure and function of breast tissue. This can include dysplasia and atypia that is the forerunner for breast cancer. Animal studies have shown that iodide (the form of iodine that is present in iodized salt) is ineffective at reversing the pre-cancerous lesions of animal breast tissue, whereas iodine is much more effective...Because different tissues concentrate different forms of iodine, using a supplement that contains both iodide and iodine is preferable to using a supplement that contains only one form. As mentioned above, the breasts concentrate iodine. The prostate gland concentrates iodine. The thyroid gland and the skin primarily concentrate iodide. Other tissues, including the kidneys, spleen, liver, blood, salivary glands, and intestines can concentrate either form. With different tissues responding to different forms of iodine, it would make common sense that a greater therapeutic benefit from iodine will be achieved by using a combination of iodine and iodide.

                    Also, plenty of celtic salt is used in the high-dose protocol, too. I'm just not sure you could eat enough seaweed and salt to reach sufficiency given the sheer amount of toxic halides in the environments we live. We need to push all the bromine and halides OUT before iodine can make its way in and that's a job. I think it could probably be used effectively AFTER sufficiency is reached but I don't know.
                    #330 Originally Posted by Gwynn
                    Hi, JDW! Thanks for sharing your experience! I just felt really funky on that Iodoral, and I'm sure it was detox. I just scaled back b/c I felt too weird. Oh, and my Lugol's came in yesterday. Perhaps I'll try a drop of that in the morning.

                    Heck yeah... detox can be TOUGH. I took the approach that going slow would only prolong my pain so I jumped in with BOTH feet and started with 50MG. But, I work from home so when I was miserable I was able to lay down for bits here and there. Did you do any salt flushes to help with detox? Or, you can do pulse dosing where you do a bolus, step back, bolus, step back. I wonder if the people who react so violently are the ones who need iodine the most of all? I only say that because if detox is so profound, does that mean they have A LOT to detox from? Or, it may just effect people differently.
                    Good luck with your lugols! And, take your companion nutrients or you could also feel funky!


                    • YOU are in control

                      Doctors are great. They have saved my life.

                      But this: "everything[sic] is between the doctor and his patient. Doctor is in total control. And that is how it should be." bothers me.

                      Doctors are a resource to be used in maintaining our bodies. You can give total control over to them if you choose. But it is your body. The control starts with you.


                      • STORY TELLING TIME: JDW'S STORY - 2
                        A new section started in Iodine References called Stories
                        #338 @Killian - AWESOME!!! Happy you've found your way to iodine!
                        @Grizz - I have become SUCH A HUGE conspiracy theorist. I didn't use to be this way but I'm crazy now. The government has a vested interested in keeping us ill AND couple that with them being beholden to the big pharma AND big farm lobbies, they will squash anything that helps people get healthy and step out of the paradigm of sick care.

                        Thank you Uncle Sam for keeping me safe... Thank You. Now let me get this straight, Uncle Sam - You are going to start from kindergarten feeding my kids all sorts of "healthy" food from your illustrious food pyramid like bread, and apple sauce, and 1% milk, and chicken nuggets, and pasta. You are going to FORCE this on them and you've made it ILLEGAL for parents to even refuse MILK for their child without a doctors note. Good job... they need the hormones in that milk and we need to protect the kids whose parents don't care enough. Then, you are gonna continue your war on the supplement companies "for our own good" because we are not qualified to make a choice for ourselves. You need to protect us from the evils of unregulated plants, herbs, and minerals. I know, big guy, you made it illegal to ship more than 1oz. of 5% Lugol's. Thank God for you! People could kill themselves with that!!

                        And, those organic farmers, you've made it financially impossible for them to survive with all your regulations. I mean, the big farm guys, you PAY THEM in subsidies to grow all that yummy genetically modified food. I mean, THAT FOOD WILL SAVE THE WORLD FROM HUNGER!! Now, for the organic small farmer, he needs to PAY YOU to be able to produce his crops and get through all the red tape. Bravo, Uncle Sam. And be sure to put some regulations in about homeowners not growing big gardens and giving food to their neighbors... Wait, you did that with the food safety bill? Phew, OK, I though you forgot that part. Oh, and don't get me started on the Raw Milk people... ARE THEY CRAZY wanting to make a choice for themselves and their families to consume a product that is so "unsafe"? And, thankfully, through the hard work of federal inspectors and hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars in sting operations you've been able to destroy quite a few of those evil small raw dairies. I mean, who are they to provide a product to someone who wants to buy that product? And, I surely don't want to forget the statement the FDA put out earlier this year that..."people don't have the fundamental right to eat whatever foods they want." We can't forget that; it's just so important to remember. It is the governments job to regulate our entire lives, including what we consume and if you disagree, according to homeland security, you just might be a domestic terrorist so step off.

                        Thanks Uncle Sam for all you do. And, ya know what, even if those crazy people who talk about FREEDOM and LIBERTY are right, you've got it all covered because you're giving us "FREE" health care!! WAHOOO!!! I mean, if pasta and applesauce and hormone laden milk really does make our kids sick, like those Food Freedom Quacks say, we simply don't need to worry because the loving arms of Uncle Sam and his Free Health Care will be available to cure all our ills with the latest and greatest drugs from our AWESOME DRUG COMPANIES!!! That'll make the drug lobby so happy and thus our congressmen and senators will be happy. We want them to be happy so they do nice things for us, right? Plus, we'll have a vaccine for everything in the next 10 years anyway, so again, why worry? I mean, the more people dependent on our big squishy lovey federal government the better, right? That'll make sure that it stays BIG and POWERFUL for all of us who NEED it soooo bad. Gosh, this system is so fantastic. As long as you stay big and powerful, we keep getting all the goodies we want like free school food pyramid lunches, the latest drugs, the best vaccines, the yummiest and the cheapest frankenfoods!!!!! And, as long as we want those things YOU stay in power. And, as long as you keep taking care of us sick people YOU stay in power and when you're in power, we get FREE STUFF!!! Although what will you do when all your regulations for proper eating make us all super healthy? Nah, never mind, there will always be idiots who eat lots of fat and protein and supplements and RAW dairy... hahahaha they'll stay sick forever! Yipeeeeee.... life is great! Thanks, Uncle Sam, you're the best. <3
                        @Danielle - That breaks my heart!!! I'm so sorry for you because regret sucks. My sister-in-law's sister used to be a slim, beautiful woman and then they nuked her thyroid and now she is sick and overweight and tired. Isn't the motto, "first do no harm?!" They wanted to a do radioactive test on me but I just decided NO... I'll work on this on my own. I knew the next step after the test would be to kill the gland or take it out.

                        You are right... iodine CAN and WILL help you with fighting breast cancer. That's another one I'm worried about because we have A LOT in the woodpile and I've already had nodules. I had one of those HALO breast pap tests and I had fluid which equates to twice the risk of breast cancer. Couple that with family history and sky high levels of bad estrogen and I'm worried. I hope that high dose iodine can help as it certainly has with the thyroid.
                        I'm so sorry you had to go through a thyroidectomy... that BLOWS!
                        #350 Originally Posted by Bosnic
                        My philosophy towards using iodine to detox halogens is that you shouldn't try to quickly undo a lifetimes worth of damage and buildup. Do everything you can to reduce bromides, fluorides, chlorides. But go easy on the iodine. Displace those nasty things little by little. It's like recovering a dinosaur skeleton fossil from the rock that is practically infused with it.
                        Nothing wrong with taking a conservative approach! Although, what leads you to this conclusion, if I might ask? Do you think some harm can come from going to quickly or would it just be because the detox would be so hard? I wonder because for me, I think about it sorta like being vitamin D difficient or fatty acid dificient... we don't ramp those up, we go in high, so why would we ramp up our iodine other than to avoid harsh detox? And, there might be some validity to not detoxing quickly from a stress perspective maybe? Sorta like how some people need to ramp up coconut oil until their bodies adjust but I would think going past tolerance would speed up the process in a good way.
                        #389 Originally Posted by activia
                        OK So after all this talk I thought I should up my iodine intake.
                        Any ideas? Is this normal when first upping iodine?
                        A couple of thoughts... First, you have probably upped your iodine significantly but when doing it with something like kelp, you have no way to know by how much. If you use a supplement form at first, you can monitor your dose until you reach whole body sufficiency. Once you are at that point, you could likely use real food to maintain.

                        As for the lump in your throat, it can be very normal. If you are iodine difficient, your thyroid will uptake massive amounts of iodine when if first gets its "hands" on it so when first supplementing, swelling can be normal. I swelled significantly for about two weeks and then it stopped and went back to normal. That said, I was on 50MG from day one and jumped up to over 100MG fairly quickly from there. So, I was REALLY dosing.

                        You are getting plenty, if not too much, selenium from the Brazil nuts but you need to be sure you are getting Vitamin C, Magnesium, and SEA SALT. Not in amounts that you put in your foods, that is not enough. You should take at least 1/2tsp a day sea salt in water and then in addition you can salt your food liberally. NEVER USE REGULAR SALT for this.

                        Good luck and push through. You WILL detox hard but there is light at the other end of the tunnel.
                        #431 Originally Posted by thaijinx
                        Q)Is it still possible to see some bromide detox at the small intake level of 500 mcg?

                        I would guess it's doubtful. Some poeple don't feel detox until they get up to 50MG. I know my first few days I was scared of detox so I went with a low dose of 12.5MG and didn't feel a thing. That's like a dose 25 times higher than what you're talking about and I had no signs at all and I'm pretty toxic. I didn't really start detoxing until I hit 100MG and I've been at about 130 MG since December. You could certainly try and see because 500mcg isn't gonna hurt you so no harm/no foul.

                        Q) And, do the doctors recommend to lower the levels of supporting nutrients (2000-5000 mgs vit c), (200 - 400 mcg selenium), (1/2 tsp day - salt), (400 mgs magnesium) for a smaller iodine dose... or, are those doses still suitable and recommended for lower doses, such as 500 mcg iodine?
                        You wouldn't need such high doses but I don't think they would hurt you. The only thing I would question would be the selenium.
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                          A new section started in Iodine References called Stories
                          #434 Originally Posted by Clabbergirl
                          Q) I've been taking 12.5 mg of Lugol's 2% (5 drops every morning) for about 2 weeks and the detox skin problem has lessened significantly to the point I have almost no problem with it. I've just graduated up to 6 drops yesterday, but it's starting to look like my neck is enlarged a little over the area of my thyroid. Not overly enlarged, but noticeable to me.
                          Time to back off or keep moving forward?
                          That's up to you... because I used such a high dose I had HUGE swelling and I decided to push through and the swelling went down in about two weeks. If you are through skin detox, you might bump up your dose BUT the swelling might get bigger. From what I understand, because your thyroid is getting decent iodine for the first time, it uptakes everything it can and can swell so I took it as a good sign but that's a judgment call.
                          #534 Originally Posted by Kilian
                          To be fair, there isn't really any reason to be outraged at the FDA or doctors about iodine. Most salt is iodized and all the processed junk that the typical modern human eats is full of it. I doubt most people that aren't eating primally are iodine deficient. So while there is plenty of reason to hate the FDA and doctors, iodine deficiency isn't really one of them. Hate them for subsidizing processed garbage and marketing it down our throats.
                          Or am I wrong? EDIT: I'm wrong.
                          I realize you already edited and I haven't read the whole thread but the truth is, the medical establishment is woefully inept at best or criminal at worst. Iodine was used for generations and was dismissed at the altar of drug companies and big government subsidies. A doc wouldn't have to look too far in order to find out the info but they don't want to step out of their little box... they are comfortable with what they learned in med school and med school perpetuates falsehoods and promotes propoganda by the drug companies. So doctors, possibly inept some criminal in their willful ignorance. The FDA on the other hand is criminal and evil. Alternative therapies are purposely squashed in the name of "safety" while dangerous drugs are passed off as safe with barely any testing at all. The FDA is about POWER over the people... maybe I will repost my FDA rant. I was firey that day!
                          #1051 I decided to start at 50 MG because I had a large, multi-nodular goiter as well as diabetes, stage IV endometriosis, and PCOS. I WAS TOXIC! I knew Dr. B. had said that 50MG was the standard dose he used for his patients but if the disease was more significant you could go up over 100MG.

                          I went to 100MG because I had no detox symptoms at 50MG but I knew I was toxic. I went up to 100MG and started detoxing hard... I got over the major hump and went up to 130MG and leveled off there. I've been going around 5 months and will go for another few months before I back off. I will go to 50 MG and then I'll stick there for a while I think. Dr. B says that 50MG may be a maintenance dose when dealing with the amount of toxic halides. Not sure... I'm still researching and considering.
                          #1037 Originally Posted by rrustad
                          Q) Yeah, I got that. The part that I wasn't so clear about was the DAILY use of salted water.
                          Yeah... I can see how it might not be clear. People talk a lot about using it in food so it could be confusing and look like it means 1/2 tsp salt over the course of a whole day! What a difference it would make for people using such a small amount if they upped it significantly. They might feel a bit better!
                          I agree. it should be clarified that its 1/2 tsp salt to be taken as a single dose, in liquid, for daily supplementation. I like the way you laid it out.

                          Ya know, I use SO MUCH STINKIN' SALT. I go through giant bags of it cooking. We are so used to it in the house now but I can just imagine some poor visitor not used to it taking a bite of my cooking and thinking, WTF?!?!
                          #1052 Originally Posted by jlsaven
                          Q) I am more prone to an outbreak when I'm stressed, and actually on an (albeit lower-than-normal) dose of an antiviral to suppress the virus. I was planning on going off of this over the summer because I hadn't had an outbreak in so long. I was only waiting until then because I am in my first year of grad school, which has been a whirlwind! So, I was very surprised to have this as a result... My partner is in another state, so the inconvenience sexually isn't as bad as it could be, but the physical discomfort is not much fun! I'm just worried because I'm at such a low dose (675mcg) of iodine, so I have a very long way to go to titrate up...
                          Gosh... at such a low dose I wonder if its a coincidence? You do have a long way to titrate up... you could try to just jump up to 12.5MG and see if you can handle it. I know a lot of people do go slow but some don't. For me, that just seemed like it would prolong the misery. I'm a crazy person though... I jumped to 50MG right away and was to 130MG within a few weeks. I'm not saying be as crazy as me but I would hate to see you deal with this through your entire ramp-up and I wonder if it would be better to bite the bullet and push through at a higher dose.

                          And, since iodine is such a potent anti-viral, I would paint it on your sores and see what that would accomplish. I bet it would have a positive effect!! That you can do right away without even worrying about your dose.
                          #1053 Originally Posted by jlsaven
                          Q) I tried that this morning, as I saw reference to it on the internet. Fingers crossed it helps! Any recommendations how many times a day to re-apply?

                          Originally Posted by rrustad
                          Q) Hey, here's a thought. What about using iodine to treat the blisters topically? It IS antiviral. Heck, it kills HIV. Herpes wouldn't stand a chance. Do you have the liquid form? You could get tincture of iodine at any pharmacy but it might sting more.
                          HAHA... we are all thinking the same thing!!! I responded before I read this and now I'm excited to see what it will do. Not that we want to use poor jlsaven's as our guinea pig BUT it will be exciting if it helps.

                          Originally Posted by rrustad
                          Q) I second this notion - about not stopping if its a detox symptom. But at 675 mcg and in grad school, I'd tend to think its grad school stress, even if you're doing well. I loved grad school and excelled - but my body showed the demands in many ways like immune system issues and outbreaks of issues that I thought were under control.
                          Yeah. It seems like it is such a tiny dose that other stress may be playing a factor. I hate when things happen like that where I don't know if they are related or not!
                          #1075 Originally Posted by rrustad
                          I had had no really bad detox at 12.5 mg and had missed the fact that salted water was for everyday. So, when I started having ass kicking detox day one at 25 mg I started the Salt Loading and it was great! So, the second day I was preemptive and did salted water (1/2 tsp) plus SOLE before the day's dose of iodine. That was WAY better.
                          Oh gosh... you poor thing. Detox would suck without salt. Now I'm worried about others who got the same impression as you and who are miserable without enough salt.

                          Q) Now, I think that I'll probably wait another 2 weeks to go to 37.5 mg and will be ready to Salt Load if needed. Since I will be doing the salted water daily until then I may not have any real issues like I did this time. So, I guess that means getting to 50 mg in six weeks. Don't know that I'll go any higher than that.
                          Other than the mild hypothyroid, which already seems way better, I don't currently have any other major health issues. I DO have allergies that seem to also be improving and I plan to use the iodine based Ponaris for treating my sinuses and to stop using my allergy nasal sprays. Eventually, I would also like to stop the oral antihistamine. At that point, I will be med free.

                          It's amazing how quickly conditions improve, huh?! I mean, here your thyroid is getting better already and yet the medical establishment has thrown out iodine as a valuable addition. I bet there are old guys out there still using it but for the most part, I'm sure the pharmaceutical companies have whitewashed it right out of the medical textbooks.
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                          • STORY TELLING TIME: JDW'S STORY - 4
                            A new section started in Iodine References called Stories
                            #1076 Originally Posted by rrustad
                            Q) So, how are these various conditions responding to the iodine? Have you done any testing or do you plan to?

                            Well, amazingly, within a few weeks my thyroid swelled up like a balloon... seriously. I was freaking out and almost stopped but I just knew if it was swelling like that, something was happening. I pressed on and not only did the swelling leave... SO DID THE GOITER!! Now, I have not gone and had a repeat ultrasound but you could easily see the goiter before and now my neck looks normal. I know eventually I need to go back to the doc to have it evaluated but to be honest, I'm so done giving them money while they stay in their tight little box of thought and look at ME like I'm crazy! Sigh.

                            TMI, but my hemorrhoids from my twin pregnancy also disappeared! I have no idea about the endometriosis other than my last couple of cycles have been less painful... yay.
                            #1077 Originally Posted by Grizz
                            Q) Great to see you pop in. Everyone has been waiting on bated breath to learn more about your super aggressive approach to iodine. There are 2 extremes here, my own ultra conservative approach, and your own super aggressive approach. My motto is simple.... any approach that works is a good approach.
                            It is just that some of our members have jobs and can't afford to get sick with detox symptoms, and should therefore focus on the most conservative approach to avoid taking sick days at work. I must confess that I do secretly love your balls to the walls approach !

                            Oh, no doubt. I wouldn't recommend others doing what I do... I just want people to know that I didn't die with my approach. Temperance isn't my strong suit!
                            #1108 Originally Posted by rrustad
                            Thanks for the update. That hypoglycemia can be nasty stuff - including putting us into a near comatose state with very slow and irregular heart beat - the stuff that you described to us here.

                            I also heard that my thyroid was "perfect" - and that's when I was not yet sick enough to have abnormal test results or a goiter - which is what the docs pay heed to. But, like a lot of people do, I had hypo symptoms quite clearly - and quite clearly ignored by docs. I believe that if I had started iodine and other thyroid support then I would have benefitted and not have to reverse some of the effects that have accumulated since then.
                            Anyway, hypothyroid and hypoglycemia are not mutually exclusive - and in fact hypothyroid is one cause of hypoglycemia.

                            Ya know... even with a goiter they ignore you. I had a huge, multi-nodular goiter and because my thyroid tests would come back "normal" they couldn't figure it out. I had EVERY classic sign of hypothyroid and yet the tests were normal. It's maddening. I am now sure that what I had/have was thyroid resistance... I make plenty of the hormones but my body couldn't use them. I asked a very "reputable" doc, whom I traveled 100 miles to see, if this was a possibility and he said, "ya know, there is a lot of discussion about this in the medical journals right now and its a theory but I think its unlikely. And, your blood work is totally normal so I can't treat you as hypothyroid." So here is someone who is in the top echelon of his field, who has a patient sitting in front of him with classic hypo signs, tumors in her thyroid, and he won't even consider stepping out of his little box in which he works to consider alternative possibilities and try to treat the PATIENT and not the labs. ARRGGHH.

                            The medical schools pump out in-the-box thinkers who are great at going to school but school breeds compliance and "rules"... or at least that's my take.
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                            • Grizz, thanks for the JDW recaps. They were and still are interesring and informative posts.

                              I have had little or no detox getting to 50 mg, even on days where I miss my supplements. Yesterday, I started my jump to 100mg. I added 5 additional drops of 2% Lugols to my second cup of coffee. I am finishing up moving, so I decided to finish the jump with another 5 drop jump this weekend. Like you say, I don't want to miss work with nasty detox. My third jump of 5 drops will come next week when I can afford to experience any detox. When I did actually did go to a real job, I was able to power through most health issues that were not contagious.

                              Learning the intricacies of healthy eating and nourishing my body the right way.
                              I am not bald, that is a Vitamin D collector. Time to Grok and Roll!
                              Eased into a primal diet starting at Christmas 2011. Goal weight - 205 started: 240 pounds waist 40, now 227 pounds and waist 38 Summer 2012 - weight =215 and waist is actually still 39"
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                              • Originally posted by ljbprrfmof View Post
                                Grizz, thanks for the JDW recaps. They were and still are interesring and informative posts.

                                I have had little or no detox getting to 50 mg, even on days where I miss my supplements. Yesterday, I started my jump to 100mg. I added 5 additional drops of 2% Lugols to my second cup of coffee. I am finishing up moving, so I decided to finish the jump with another 5 drop jump this weekend. Like you say, I don't want to miss work with nasty detox. My third jump of 5 drops will come next week when I can afford to experience any detox. When I did actually did go to a real job, I was able to power through most health issues that were not contagious.

                                I am thrilled for you. Have you noticed any further improvements in your health? I have been at 150mg all month so far. 100 mg in the morning & 50mg in the evening. That is coming from 3-50mg iodoral and 3-ATF Cofactors capsules. I can report on it now. After almost 3 weeks at 150mg the return of sensitivity to my Glans was more than a flash in the pan. It is now permanent.

                                Yup, JDW's story is sure interesting. Having it all in one place helps a lot too. JDW was the first in our group to take an aggressive approach to iodine. We learned a lot from her experiences. She was also the first to expose how grossly incompetent doctors can be about the thyroid & iodine. One of her stories just floored me - she walks into her doctors office with a SWOLLEN THYROID & all the symptoms of hypothyroid, and her doctor exclaims she is perfectly normal? DUH ! Swollen Thyroid? DUH! And he STILL can't figure out what to do? Her T3,T4 & TSH were "Normal" therefore she is in perfect health. How can a doctor not know what to do about a swollen thyroid? It seems to be outrageous. I'm going to ask this question to my friend Dr. Kruse to see what he says.

                                Posting that JDW story was the last big thing on my agenda. I'm going to spend the next 6 months writing magazine articles on iodine. The last 6 months were a Blast

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