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Insects, What did they offer in terms of Nutrition?

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  • Insects, What did they offer in terms of Nutrition?

    It seems that we all agree that Grok and his family ate quite a few grubs, worms, and other insects "back in the day". Not that we are going to start eating much of those, but I am curious whether anyone has done any work to determine WHAT NUTRITION those insects gave Grok and his family? I am thinking that to be truly Primal, we need to consider adding some of those insect sourced nutrients back into our diets today from other more palatable sources?

    I hope that someone has some thoughts on this to share please?


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    I can only offer this. Insect Nutritional Table


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      To me from the table they are pretty good on the nutrition content. Although not sure you would get any standard American to eat them. :-)


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        Thanks slowcooker! It is clear that these bugs had alot of protein and more, so we need to think of replacing that lost nutrition ... what we probably also need to know is if there are some other more weird nutrients that are TOTALLY missing from our diet that are hidden in what we used to eat ... I will bet there are some very odd nutrients in bugs that we will want to get from supplements today ... who can find out?


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          When I look at insects all I see is a walking pile of parasites...


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            You talk like eating bugs has gone extinct.
            People eat bugs all over the world. There are more that do, than those of us who don't.


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              Make no mistake ... North American "Groks" ate ALOT of insects ... literally pounds of them ...

              FINL Vol. 7, No. 3 Insect Foods of the American Indians

              We need to figure out what hidden nutrition was in these bugs ... there could be something serious in these ... I am sure the drug companies have looked, but that does not mean that they shared those results with the world ... or were looking for what we were ...