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  • Just not hungry

    So I know most people around here don't advocate counting calories, however, I occasionally like to input my food to myfitnesspal just to see where I'm at. I feel like I eat a lot, usually 3 eggs and 3 pieces of bacon for breakfast with salsa and a dab of sour cream or cheese, sometimes some kale chips or a salad for lunch if I'm hungry, and I have at least 6 oz of either beef, poultry, or fish with lots of veggies for dinner, and of course a glass of red wine and a small square of 70% chocolate for dessert. I use at least 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily to cook with, I can't stomach eating it or drinking it straight. I probably have sweet potato oven fries twice a week and I do drink a glass of coffee everyday and green tea in the afternoon. This only amounts up to around 1300-1400 calories. From what I've read around these boards that is not really enough to lose weight. Should I try to move more during the day to work up a bigger appetite or just go with my gut and only eat when I'm truly hungry?

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    If you are feeling good, have enough energy and have as much muscle as you need, go with your gut. Otherwise, add protein or fat.
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      When I started I was in that calorie range or a little lower and losing weight at a fast clip. After trial and error, and forcing myself to eat more, I have found that not eating when I'm not hungry is the best policy for weight loss for me. If I make myself eat when I don't feel like it I pretty much don't lose any weight.

      I started with about 70 lbs to lose and I'm about halfway after four months.



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        Don't force yourself to eat. It is common to go through periods of very low appetite when eating primal foods. Your appetite will likely cycle with periods of very low appetite and then periods of eating everything you can find

        Just make sure you are getting adequate zinc in your diet if this persists.
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          Going with your gut and only eating when you're truly hungry is ok; trying to move more during the day is always a big plus and will not only help with your appetite but with your weight-loss efforts and your general well-being.