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  • Best-ever IF'ing Article

    Some self-experimentation by a super-fit dude who tried numerous approaches to IF'ing, with sample menus and workouts. I found it easier to download the printable pdf when I got to the site, but I'm using explorer...

    Intermittent Fasting E-book | Intermittent Fasting | John Berardi

    "What Are The Big “Takeaways”?
    I think there are four main takeaways that readers of this book should come away with.

    Trial fasting is a great way to practice managing hunger. This is an essential skill for anyone who wants to get in shape and stay healthy and fit.
    More regular fasting isn't objectively better for losing body fat. While my IF experiments worked quite well, the intermittent fasting approach (bigger meals, less frequently) didn't produce better fat loss than a more conventional diet approach (smaller meals, more frequently) might have.
    More regular fasting did make it easier to maintain a lower body fat percentage. Intermittent fasting isn't easy. However, I did find that using this approach made it easier for me to maintain a low body weight and a very low body fat percentage vs. more conventional diets.
    Intermittent fasting can work but it's not for everyone, nor does it need to be. In the end, IF is just one approach, among many effective ones, for improving health, performance, and body composition. "