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I still get that "low blood sugar" feeling

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  • I still get that "low blood sugar" feeling

    I've been eating primally for about 6 weeks now. I do feel better, and I feel like this is the right way for me to eat.
    One thing I've been disappointed in though, is that I still get that "low blood sugar" feeling. I HAVE to eat. If I haven't eaten by about 9:30 most mornings, I'm shaky, irritable, and can't concentrate. The same thing happens around lunch time and dinner time.
    I keep my carbs low and I think I get plenty of protein and fat, so I don't understand what's causing this?
    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    I'll also note, that I don't quite have the "boundless energy" that I see others refer to, and although I lost about 7 lbs right off the bat, I haven't lost any weight since.
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    that's a tough one.

    eat more fat.


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      Most likely it's not enough fat, I get that feeling when I eat more carbs than usual and not as much fat. Try signing up for a macronutrient calculator like to get an idea of how much you're eating. Mark has some info about how much protein to eat based on your goal weight, making sure everything you eat is drenched in fat to start with is completely an option, then you can work out the kinks as you go along.

      I don't have boundless energy, though it's much better than it used to be. 5/10, it's because I'm just being inactive. As soon as I get up, I feel energetic (I work in an office and sit on my ass all day). The other half of the time I have no frigging clue yet, but I believe it's thyroid related.
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        Thank you!
        I was happy about not having to track on this way of eating, but I guess I will need to try it for awhile to see what's going on.
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          Think of it as gathering data. You can't evaluate what's going on without data. Trying to do so = guessing.


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            When I first started Primal (as a heavily medicated type 2 diabetic) I would get horrible low BG symptoms; shakiness, irritability, headaches, sweating, but when I tested my blood sugar it was perfectly normal! I've been Primal for over a year now (and am now med-free), but I still get the low BG feeling the day after I carb-up too much (food or alcohol) so I think it's just carb "withdrawal." A day of eating lower than usual carb or a 16-24 hour IF "resets" my system and the feeling is gone.
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              sunnie, I know that shaky feeling all too well, having suffered from blood sugar swings most of my life. First thing, six weeks is still the adaptation phase, so hang in there. But, what worked for me, was making my only breakfast a strong cup of coffee and pouring in three or four ounces of heavy cream. That much cream will require a re-heat of the coffee, 30 seconds or so in a microwave works for me. That big dose of good fat settled my blood sugar and I had no need to eat until noon. That was for the first six months of so. Somewhere along the way, I dropped the cream and noticed that my blood sugar was just fine.
              If I don't eat wheat or sweets, I have no problems. If I do, I'm back to shakytown. Best wishes and good luck!