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Crazy itchy skin after iron or mineral supps?

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  • Crazy itchy skin after iron or mineral supps?

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Every time I take my iron supplement (liquid floravital) or drink coconut water, I start to feel intense itching and tiny muscle twitches all over my legs within 5 minutes. It can last up to half an hour. It feels like a million spiders crawling over my legs, and it's unbearable!

    I seem to have a lot of trouble with minerals. I am extremely anemic despite constant supplementation, and it's even worse with pregnancy. I am also likely calcium deficient (the coconut water is supposedly high in calcium, also very high in potassium.) Could this itching be a response to deficiency? I wondered if it was an allergy, but it seems odd that I would be allergic to both when I've never had such a reaction to anything before. I know restless legs can come with pregnancy, but this is like clockwork 5 minutes after iron/coco water, every single time, and never any other time. I follow all the usual directions (space my iron and calcium, have some vitamin c with the iron, drink plenty of water, etc.)

    What gives?