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Mountain High Yogurt pectin/geletin

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  • Mountain High Yogurt pectin/geletin

    Does Mountain High Original Plain yogurt have geletin in it? I read the ingredients list and didn't see it but the list did say pectin. Is that geletin? I want to drain the yogurt to get some whey and to do that I understand the ingredients must not have additives.

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    Pectin is a naturally occuring substance highest in green fruit. It is primarily used for thickening jams and jellies. Some fruits have such a high pectin level that added pectin is not needed to make jams or jellies out of them. Gelatin is bones and connective tissue boiled to mush and also used to thicken. I seem to remember that whey seperates out of Mountain High just fine.


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      Great! Thanks! I have a full, unopened quart at home. I need the liquid whey to extend the shelf life of my homemade mayo, or so I've been told. I'm trying to lost weight and after I saw the amount of carbs and sugar in the yogurt I don't know what to do with it even if it becomes yogurt cheese.