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Is it okay to eat almond butter past the expiration date?

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  • Is it okay to eat almond butter past the expiration date?

    I just brought back some stuff I had in storage at my mom's house after I moved out of my last apartment. Included with a few non-perishable food items was a sealed jar of Trader Joe's raw unsalted almond butter.

    I was about to open it up when I noticed that the expiration date on the jar was listed at "June 2011". Is this a case of being legally required to stamp an expiration date, even if the item doesn't expire that quickly? Can I still eat this stuff, or should I throw it out?

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    If it was me I'd probably toss it out. I'd be thinking about the oxidation of the PUFA's especially if it was kept unrefrigerated.


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      In the case of almond butter, it was probably on the shelf for quite a while before it was purchased. It might be a little stale, but I don't think it would be rotten or anything, especially since it's been sealed. It has probably lost a lot of its nutritional value, and yeah, the fats might be a little oxidized. However, almond butter isn't really nutritious to begin with, so I'd say enjoy it as long as it's not molding or anything.


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        Thanks - I'm a big fan of "eat it if there's no sign of mold" but sometimes that leads me to eat things I probably shouldn't (though I never get sick, so maybe those bacteria are only making my immune system stronger!)


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          June 2011 was 6 months ago... I'd throw it out