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  • Do you plan?

    I've heard the saying "Fail to plan and plan to fail" How true is it? Do you plan your meals ahead? If so, how... far ahead.... If you don't plan, how to you know what to fix and what you are going to fix?


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    i plan for the week, which just makes grocery shopping easier. the food i buy, however, can usually be used in a variety of combinations. it's pretty much meat, veggies and eggs...but if i've been craving chili, i'll be sure to grab put jalapenos on my list before i head to the store.


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      I keep having to buy more eggs every week. Now we're big into Frittata's here - 12 eggs, 1/4 cup of heavy cream and everything else but the kitchen sink. Great to make in the evening for a big protein load the next morning. Nuke it and eat. We also buy a couple of tubs of whatevery berry we can get, some chicken breasts and fish.
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        Here is a pic of my fridge at the outset of the work week when I am REALLY planning.....doesn't always happen but i aspire to it!
        For me planning and tracking is optimal, but for many others, it is overkill. To each their own.



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          I think you will find that some do not plan and some plan down to the beverages! Alot has to do with your personality, and your life style. Personaly I need to plan. I work 50 hours a week, and I have a family of 4. I plan out 2 weeks of menus, then make my grocery list for that. I make a main list, then add fresh produce 1-2 times after that main shopping. I am a creative cook, so if I have on the menu chicken and fennel stew I may change my mind to have fried chicken with roasted fennel and parsnips and carrots, depending on my mood.
          The trick is to have your staples, use your parishible foods so you have no waste. ALSO cook big, so you have left overs for breakfast or lunch or another full meal! Sometimes we have a complete repeat, exactly as the first meal, or we will use the protien on a salad, or with eggs.
          I make 2 sets of 2 week menus, and rotate them, and of course there is always wiggle room to fit a certain mood, or to use up a parishible item. I often find that a 2 week menu will last about 18 days considering using up left overs and sometimes skipped meals.
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            I plan for the week when I go grocery shopping. It doesn't mean I necessarily eat all of that food that week(things come up, or I may choose to IF for a day). It just means I have less to plan for the next week. I plan mostly to limit how many trips I have to make to get my groceries.


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              I plan on eating meat and vegetables. That's about it. I have lots of aforementioned food items on hand so depending on what I feel like making/eating, I will have it.
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                I really only plan work lunches and other odd lunches when I'm away from home. Breakfast is consistent, and I never really know what I want to cook for dinner. I go to the grocery store alot, but I enjoy the time after work browsing the produce and meat sections. It's become a very soothing post work ritual . It's super wierd.


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                  I plan for the week and never follow the plan, but almost always use the food I bought that needed to be used that week (fresh veggies...except asparagus, I always forget about it).

                  I plan for the day/the next day as much as possible so I don't suddenly become ravenous and eat something bad because my blood sugar is making me cranky, shaky, and tearful.
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                    Weekly meal planning is the only way I can stay on track... and it's also how I have started to learn how to cook, because otherwise I don't try new recipes. It's also the only way we've managed to stay on track on our food budget without cheating. It's not as tempting to go to a restaurant when you know that you have everything you need to make salmon on Wednesday night, you know? Especially when you know it's a quarter as expensive, twice as tasty as well as healthier.

                    For the two of us for a week, I usually decide on two or three batch cooking recipes (e.g. crock pot chicken, meatloaf, a pot of soup, a roast), a couple one-off dinners (stuff that either doesn't reheat well or is so easy to cook fresh there's no point in batch cooking it, like omelets), a big pot of chicken broth (you use it for everything!!), and some basics for breakfast and snacks (scrambled eggs, bacon and steamed veggies; sardines; hardboiled eggs; beef jerky; nuts; cream for coffee and tea).

                    The batch recipes get stored in the fridge in single portions, usually with a scoop of frozen veggies, which steam up great when you nuke the whole thing in the microwave. Those go for lunches and easy dinners on days I get home late. And sometimes for breakfast too, we don't do a whole lot of breakfast foods. I cook at least one batch recipe plus my chicken broth on the weekend, usually Sunday.

                    The one-off dinners are for when I have time to cook in the evening and on weekends. And if I haven't cooked up all my batch recipes, I'll try to squeeze those in on early nights too.

                    I don't always use everything though (sometimes I make too much, other times we go out with friends or whatever), so the next week I'll look at what I have and reincorporate it into the next week's meal plan.

                    I'm not an intuitive cook and I'm not particularly passionate about running the kitchen for my household so without a plan I'd get lazy and end up making bad food choices. So yes, I plan. Planning is by far the most influential aspect of a healthy lifestyle for me.
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                      Wow... thanks everyone for your tips. It looks like the saying may in fact be true. I used to always have a menu but only for dinner. I was also working and going to school full-time, then I worked only part-time but still used it... then well I gave up on eating right and just ate what I wanted when I wanted... and ballooned back up (another whole story)

                      Gives me some ideas going forward.



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                        Originally posted by IcarianVX View Post
                        I plan on eating meat and vegetables. That's about it. I have lots of aforementioned food items on hand so depending on what I feel like making/eating, I will have it.
                        That's exactly what I do. I try to keep some emergency protein cooked and on hand to bring for lunch - I can just add frozen veggies and then I am set.
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