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Want to start eating primal, trying to figure out WHEN to start

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  • Want to start eating primal, trying to figure out WHEN to start

    My DH and I want to start eating primal. We've already started eating fewer grains but I'm not sure when to fully switch over. I realize I'm probably overthinking this! I want to start NOW, today. Now that I've read about how bad grains are, and am thinking about the health problems they may be contributing to, I don't want to keep eating them and feeding them to my DH and toddler.

    But - we still have one holiday celebration coming up next week (Jan 2) and I fear falling off the wagon as I know there will be plenty of carb/grain/sweet temptations there. And since I've read that grains continue to mess up your system for up to 10-15 days after you eat them, I wonder if it is worth starting today and then having to re-start that clock in a week. I am afraid of screwing up, losing momentum, and ditching the plan entirely. Yes, I have a history of doing that with "diets."

    Does anyone understand where I am coming from and have advice on when to start, how to stick to the plan in the face of yummy grains next week (if I start now), or how to get back on track if I do mess up next week?

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    I am going thru the same thing. I am starting the Whole30 on Jan 1st. Once I get a few solid months under my belt then I wont be as tempted to go totally off the rails. Before when I was doing 90/10 Primal I didnt cringe when Birthday cake came out or office donuts were passed around. You do lose your taste for those things fairly soon after starting. Best of luck.


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      start today. you can spend this week familiarizing yourself with the right foods, primalize your pantry, play around with exercise, etc. Then, go to the party and have a good time, but know that it's just that one day...for a while...of eating those foods. if the party is not at your house, this is easy. if it's at your house, make everyone take home all the food that isn't primal, then get right back on track. one day is not going to derail you. and taking this week to start getting used to primal will help a lot...considering a nesting period.


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        We all know where you're coming from and we've all (presumably) thought the same things you are right now. You have to realize though, that it doesn't have to be all or nothing all the time, you're absolutely better off doing the best you can every day, and not think about your health in "chunks".

        It certainly is better to avoid grains more often than not, so today, right now, there's no reason for you to eat them right? so best to avoid. Come time to eat them, in order to be social, etc, that's when you should. I try to reserve the majority of my bad eating to social occasions. For instance, some of my coworkers are aware of the things I don't usually eat, and I've even converted a few to primal (or at least made them more aware of what they eat, and I see them making smarter choices as a result) but when we all went out to a soccer game together I ate a huge hot dog in a huge bun with a huge beer. They were all "wtf?" but I explained that if there's ever a time to do it, it's when watching a soccer game with your friends. I just didn't feel like looking for other options and I didn't feel like fasting. I didn't drink the entire beer (which isn't unusual, I almost never finish them) but I did eat the whole hot dog and I loved it. I didn't go off the rails, the next day was business as usual.

        On the flip side, to welcome new employees we usually order pizza, the last two times it happened I didn't eat any (they also order salad greens on the side, so I pair those up with the cans of salmon and eggs I keep in the office) and some asked "well why not have some pizza if you don't usually eat it? this qualifies as a social outing..." and I just tell them that while they're right, I don't really see the point of it. If we were going to a good pizza place then I probably would, but we order the same tired ass pizza all the time so I know I'm not missing out on anything. The choice is always yours, some times are worth it, other times are not.

        Keep it sensible, first off: DO NOT TELL ANYBODY YOU'RE TRYING TO NOT EAT CERTAIN THINGS. ESPECIALLY AROUND THE HOLIDAYS. You simply won't hear the end of it, unless you have the most supportive family ever, and chances are you don't.

        Eat all the proteins you can first, fill up on these, eat all the good real foods first... then relax and have some of the old time favorites because you won't be having them again for a good while - not because they're evil and will kill you, but simply because it won't be the holidays next week, right? These times only come around every so often, there's nothing wrong with indulging as long as you're smart about it.

        There is no wagon to get off or on, that mentality doesn't help. There's just life and how you choose to live each day, so take it easy and welcome.
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          Iniquity hit the nail on the head. This is a way of life, not a diet. There is no wagon to get off or on. It comes down to choices.


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            Thanks all! I think I knew you all were going to tell me to start now , but it helps to hear it. Iniquity, I like what you said about there being no wagon, just day to day decisions. Totally right and a great way to think about it. You're probably right about not telling anyone too. I actually was going to tell my family (the thing next week is a family gathering) but I think I'll keep quiet. Jenn, nice to hear someone else is in my shoes. Good luck with the Whole30!


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              +1 ini.


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                I am starting 'on plan' on the 1st, I have done primal for 4 months before, but went of for quite some time. We have been preparing for 3 weeks, which means sorting through the kitchen and setting up for success. For us (my family of 4) it is important to be prepared, to have a plan, and to avoid derails. So we decided to wait till after the holidays. But we find ourselves already weeding out alot of carbs in our meal planning. I think it will help alot in that first couple weeks where we had horrible cravings and flu like symptoms the first time we went on Primal.
                Personally I think it really depends on your personality type. Some people can just wing it, and if they 'fall off the wagon' they just get back on without any negative self talk. But others (like me) have to have a plan and follow a plan. I have my grocery list made for the end of this week...which follows my 2 week menu plan. For me that is important, especially since the whole family is going back on primal. I then just alternate menu plans every other week.
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                  I've been primal since May. We still have dry beans and rice in the house, believe it or not. So even if you have some poptarts in the cupboard, start today. If you can dump your food on other people, even better (bring the poptarts, oatmeal, unopened cereal to the breakroom at work, for example).

                  Once in a while, I'll use the beans. For example, if I make a soup, I add a handful white beans. It won't kill me if I eat them once in a blue moon. I cook rice for the boyfriend when I make curry, he's not trying to lose weight, so he can handle it.

                  Try for 100% primal, but it won't kill you once in a while to use up what you've got in the house. Just don't buy any new non-primal things!
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                    I just jumped full-bore into it and didn't eat anything non-primal for at least 4 weeks. The results were so astounding for me that it made it easy to just keep going. There is no way I could have done it without a cookbook though and even today, several months later, I still rely on cookbooks to give me ideas for meals. I sometimes spend entire mornings/afternoons preparing dishes so that I will always have something to eat. letting yourself get hungry without a plan can lead to disaster.
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                      Like everyone says, start now - my wife and I just pitched every carb we had in the cupboards and fridge out and started from there. Plus we have a freezer full of beef from our friend who grows his own and sells it to us cheap!!!
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                        I would start now. Then do what you need to do for the holiday celebration. On 1/2/12, begin the whole30 "program" and give it a full 100% honest 30 days with no cheating. Then reevaluate where you want to go with your nutrition. Maybe you add back in some dairy and grains, maybe you don't. But at the very least you need to give it a full 30 days to wipe the slate completely clean. You'll certainly feel better and will have accomplished the first hurdle.



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                          Originally posted by primalrob View Post
                          start today. you can spend this week familiarizing yourself with the right foods, primalize your pantry, play around with exercise, etc.
                          I'll second PrimalRob. Spend this week on preparations. Find that natural foods store, check for the farmer's markets, primalize the pantry, stock up on nuts and coconut oil, prepare the workout space for the home, and all the other fun stuff. If you want to eat primal this week, just start with eliminating mutant wheat and corn. By the time of New Year's Day, you'll be read to go full-bore.
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