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  • Bloating

    I'm wondering whether anyone might have any ideas to help my husband. He doesn't eat completely primally, sadly, but does eat gluten and lactose free. When he's at home, I make sure that he (and the rest of the family) eat as primally as possible, but do give him starches such as white rice and potatoes. He also likes sugar in his tea .... The problem we're having is that after he eats his stomach bloats rather painfully and we cannot seem to track down what is causing it. I am wondering whether there is any chance that it might be nightshades?

    Today's food for him has been as follows:

    Breakfast: cup of tea with sugar and lactose-free milk, 2 fried eggs, 3 rashers of bacon - no bloating

    Lunch: Baked potato, half and avocado with extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper, salad (lettuce, spring onions/scallions, red pepper and dressing as above) and a home-made tomato soup (onions sauteed in fermented butter, fresh tomatoes, pheasant stock, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and basil). His stomach was distended very quickly and painfully.

    Supper tonight will be baked gammon with broccoli, parsley sauce (made with fermented butter, 1 tbspn white rice flour, lactose free milk and fresh chopped parsley) and mashed potato for those who eat it (currently eldest and my husband).

    If anyone has any ideas that I can surreptitiously try I would be really grateful!

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    It could be the night shades, but it may also be the raw veggies. A few years ago I had serious difficulty digesting raw vegetables because of the fiber. Whenever I ate salads or even just lightly steamed veggies I would get terrible bloating that would last for sometimes over 3 hours. You may want to try going a few days having him eat only vegetables that have been stewed down. Also, avoiding cruciferous vegetables may help because they have a high fiber content. Good luck !


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      Sounds like he could be nightshade intolerant. Also, he may have histamine intolerance. Tomatoes, balsamic, black pepper and avocado are all strongly high histamine / histamine promoting, which can cause very rapid abdominal bloating.

      I am both nightshade and histamine intolerant. I can tolerate peppers and potatoes in moderation, but am very intolerant of tomatoes and aubergines.

      I suggest trying the same breakfast with raw tomatoes to see if that bloats him. I've found the same as primalsun - raw vegetables are much more potent in inducing a reaction when it occurs.
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        Google FODMAPS. They were my problem.
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          Thank you very much indeed for your replies - I shall definitely look into the FODMAPS for him (if he'll agree, as most of the foods on the proscribed list are the ones he likes the best ...). It seems to me that he is much better when he is at home (he travels a lot for work), but is reluctant to go any further than gluten and lactose free when away (he is non-coeliac gluten intolerant as well as lactose intolerant) - so hopefully when I've got him home for a couple of weeks in the New Year, we can try to get him eating better and see if it makes enough of a difference for him to continue!