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Help with grassfed beef, please!

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  • Help with grassfed beef, please!

    Okay, so.

    1) How does one go about cooking frozen, nonground, grass-fed beef?

    I bought frozen grass-fed steak cuts from a vendor, defrosted them in the fridge over a day or 2, then cooked as best as possible. However, it seems that the steaks have a slight ..."twang" of aftertaste...normal? Am I preparing it wrong?

    2) When purchasing a cow (1/4, 1/2, or whole) from a grass-fed vendor, how does one go about doing this? That is, one ranch quoted the following rates:

    whole - $6.25/lb. (approx. 350-400 lbs.)

    1/2 - $6.50/lb. (approx. 200 lbs.)

    1/4 - $6.75/lb. (approx. 100 lbs.)

    Is that normal weights/prices? I'm more concerned about the weight, since I saw in a diff thread about "summer/winter" weight and "extra fat/head/skin" weight.

    Thanks guys!

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    Can't comment on #1 other than that you generally want to cook grass-fed beef rare or medium rare, not more than that. Not sure about an aftertaste... it will taste different than grain-fed though.

    2) It depends on the vendor. I'm buying from a guy who does low-volume and we had to find people to split the whole cow... so one guy is getting a half, and then another family and my husband/I are splitting the other half (they don't do 1/4s, so you have to split it up yourself).

    Those prices seem reasonable but if you shop around you might find something cheaper... and the weights seem around right too.

    I've read 100 pounds for a 1/4 cow before, but the cow I'm getting is a lot bigger and our 1/4 will be 150ish pounds. Depends on the cow.

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      Flynavy -

      Yeah, I was wondering if the way I was cooking/prepping the meat was affecting the flavor. I had a feeling the flavor itself is going to be quite different than grain-fed, though.

      As for the prices, since I live in HI, there's only 2 vendors that sell grass-fed beef. One is on my island, the other is not (so shipping can get a lil pricey). Sucks .