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  • Always hungry!

    I've been primal close to 2 months, and following Atkins for months before that. On Atkins induction (under 20 net carbs) I was NEVER hungry.

    Now that I'm primal, I'm hungry all the time. I don't want to miss out on important nutrients by cutting out veggies simply for the sake of cutting carbs. I am eating fruit more often now, can that really make that big of a difference?

    According to FitDay, I am, in general eating between 1800-2000cal/day, and I don't want to eat more considering my weight loss has stopped. But I'm still hungry! I've even tried upping my fat intake to a whopping 80% of my calories but it doesn't do a thing. I ate a whole pound of ground beef with my dinner tonight and was hungry an hour later.

    Suggestions? If I ate to where I really felt satiated, I'm sure I could eat upwards of 4000cal/day - and that certainly can't be healthy for a girl who is 5'3" and naturally small framed.

    I also hear a lot about leptin playing a part in all of this, but no matter how many times I've read the articles here, it goes in one ear and out the other and I just don't understand how it works. Should I try experimenting with a leptin reset?

    Any help would be appreciated before I go raid the fridge AGAIN.

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    Drink more water? It might help fill in the empty spaces. How much protein are you getting? You should aim to get .5g-1g of your lean body mass daily. I eat between 90-135g protein, and 60% fat (about 10% carb).
    --Trish (Bork)


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      I've been having the same exact problem which started at about week 6 into PB. For me, it started with doing cardio beyond my body's comfort level (I am new to exercising at all) and not giving enough of a break in between for my body to recover from the unusual amount of exercise (from wholly non-existent). My cycle kind of got in the way as well and got aggravated by the whole thing. How much have you been exercising? In my case, I had my carbs below 50g for two days in a row before the wild hunger started. I think that was too low for me as my body was getting way above 200 prior to PB.

      I started Dr. Kruse's leptin reset protocol this morning. I had to force myself to wolf down a whopping 50g of protein upon waking, but the wild hunger really subsided and I was not hungry at all until dinner. I am still only on day 1 of my experiment, of course, but you should really look into it if the crazy hunger continues. At the very least, I think the crazy amounts of protein for breakfast really do help curb hunger.


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        Originally posted by Fiji View Post
        I started Dr. Kruse's leptin reset protocol this morning. I had to force myself to wolf down a whopping 50g of protein upon waking, but the wild hunger really subsided and I was not hungry at all until dinner. I am still only on day 1 of my experiment, of course, but you should really look into it if the crazy hunger continues. At the very least, I think the crazy amounts of protein for breakfast really do help curb hunger.
        Same here. I was having binge issues, and the LR has really helped me feel more calm inside and less tempted to binge.
        --Trish (Bork)


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          I'll take your hunger problems from you! I am trying to put on some mass and can't seem to eat enough!


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            Just food for thought:

            I have read on several threads in this forum about women who had stalled in their weight loss or didn't lose any weight to begin with until they actually increased the amount of carbs in their diet. I am reading Mastering Leptin: Your Guide to Permanent Weight Loss and Optimum Health by Byron J. Richards with Mary Guignon Richards, and in one of the chapters they mention that food cravings can be triggered by eating too little fat or too little carbs because the satiety signals are never triggered. They also mention that eating a diet that is excessively high in fat can actually end up having the effect of raising insulin levels, which is the exact opposite of what a low carb, high fat diet is supposed to do so you might not want to raise the fat percentage in your diet to such high levels.

            Everyone is different and this may not apply to your situation, but just thought I'd put it out there for you to consider, Rockerbaby.
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              Your increased appetite might actually be a good sign, and one that you should follow. Eat whatever primal food you want, including fruit. Don't worry about carbs, or any macronutrient for that matter.
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                I can relate to this. Last year, I had periods of time I was constantly hungry all the time. It wasn't food cravings, it was actual stomach-growling hunger. I'd eat a huge lunch, and be starving 20 minutes later. A combination of things happened, and I'm not sure which of them helped, but here's what I did:

                1) Stopped taking hormonal birth control. I noticed that when I started taking the pill, my hunger noticeably increased.
                2) I decided to let myself 'gorge' on large quantities of healthy food - for example, I'd eat 3 huge bowls of homemade veggie soup, or a gigantic salad with chicken breast - my rule became that I could have as many veggies as I wanted. Eventually I'd feel full.
                3) When I was having serious hunger pangs that I knew were really irrational, I'd drink a huge glass of water. This usually helped.
                4) once my hunger started to seem more manageable and I'd cut grains and sugar totally out of my diet, I started intermittent fasting. I do this on an almost daily basis, and I've noticed that it really has helped me feel in control of my hunger and eating. I skip breakfast, eat a huge bowl of fruit around noon, wait an hour, then eat a big lean meat/veggie lunch about an hour later. I have dinner about 5-7 hours later. No snacking. Ever. I notice that now if I am lax about the snacking rule, I start getting hungry all the time, but if I stick to this rule, it's very manageable. There's something about snacking that really ramps up my hunger.


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                  Jeez, maybe the fact you are hungry means you should eat. Revolutionary idea I know. The other factor is you might be dehydrated rather than hungry. A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger simply because we've lost the ability or more likely the willingness to listen to our bodies. Try a glass of water first when you feel hungry and see if you're still hungry 15mims later.

                  The one thing I notice on almost all nutrition boards is an obssessive desire to restrict diet to some arbitrary number. Whether that be carbs, fat, calories or whatever. Whatever happened to eat when you're hungry, stop when you're not and eat real food rather than junk. I do exactly that and have not experienced any kind of weight issue for the past decade. I have no idea what my daily calorie intake is because I dont waste my time with it. Some days I eat a lot other days not. I've never gotten fat listening to my body. Our bodies dont want to be fat, its not our natural state and listening to the signals your body puts out will not make you suddenly gain 2 dress sizes. If your body is performing some kind of regeneration then expect to be really hungry, it needs the fuel. You cant make something out of nothing. One thing I've noticed is my huner follows a cycle, its not linear. I get hungry for a few days or weeks then eat very little for a while. I crave meat sometimes and other times want only vegetables. Thats the natural cycle of life.


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                    For the love of God lower your carbohydrate level until you hit ketosis for a few days. You won't be hungry and you'll drop like a stone. After that you can toy with your carb level to find your tolerance. I just live in ketosis now.

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                      Your calorie intake isn't high, so maybe you really just do need to eat more. Plenty of protein and fat.

                      Alternatively, you already know lowering your carbs helps, so that's also a valid option. You don't have to choose between missing out on veggie nutrients and eating fruit and high carb veg regularly, you could just choose from a range of lower carb veg options. I find if I up my carbs I start getting hungry with blood sugar issues again, the trick is to keep my carbs below that level. Also, if you eat fruit, eat it with a meal of protein and fat, not on it's own, that helps. Some of us are just more carb sensitive than others, I thik Atkins talks about that in the new book.
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                        I tend to get hungry when I eat too much lean protein. I haven't eaten much fruit or carbs in 4 months so I can't tell you what that would do to me.
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