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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Plateauing

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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Plateauing

    Tell me, do you:

    Use EVOO that costs under $20 a bottle? Can you describe your fat loss plateaus?
    Use EVOO that costs over $20 a bottle? Can you describe your fat loss plateaus?
    Not use EVOO? Can you describe your fat loss plateaus?

    In light of the recent revelation that "cold-pressed 100% extra virgin olive oil from Italy" that costs $10 for one liter at Safeway might actually consist in large portion of other high PUFA oils, I have stopped using it altogether. It's been two weeks and I certainly don't miss it, and I notice some tightening up around the middle, but I'm doing so many new things that I can't tell what the cause is. I expect to see lots of plateauing in people who regularly use cheap EVOO.
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    Hmmmm.....this is interesting. I recently replaced my olive oil for cooking with ghee. I just did it because it tastes better. I haven't been on a scale lately but I did notice that my appetite has dropped a bit and my jeans are fitting more loosely. I accidentally put my smallest jeans on the "hot cycle" in the dryer and they fit perfectly anyway.

    You think there are worse PUFA's in cheap olive oil than expensive? And that these cause fat loss plateaus?
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      I've read a couple articles about this, but have yet to see the smoking gun, it all seems a bit too overblown. Where are the test results showing retail brands of "extra virgin" being contaminated with oil not from olives?

      On second glance the NPR story is actually an interview with a guy selling a book on the subject.

      I'm not surprised at all that bargain "EVOO" isn't 100% processed via extra virgin methods because legally it is not required to be. The US legal definition allows olive oil to be sold as "extra virgin" so long as it meets certain free fatty acid (rancidity) maximums and has proper aroma/flavor characteristics. A heavily refined olive oil/extra virgin blend can meet the requirements and be sold as EVOO. And while yes, it's not really extra virgin its worlds apart from being mixed with other PUFA oils.


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        I only cooked with butter, and recently replaced it with ghee due to a non-dairy month. I use macadamia-oil on my salads. I have been through a month-long plateau recently, which was caused by too much fructose, banana in particular.


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          glamorama, you are really close to goal too.


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            Originally posted by Sue View Post
            glamorama, you are really close to goal too.
            Not really. My goal is only First Goal. I'm still 32.2% BF now, so doubt another 4 pounds will make much difference. Real goal is 24% BF or 130/135 lbs. Whatever comes first.