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  • US Wellness Meats question

    I got a gift certificate to US Wellness Meats for Christmas and had some questions about their products.

    I'm looking to pick up some of their braunschweiger, liverwurst, and head cheese. I was wondering if anyone on these boards had experience with these items and if you liked them or not? I enjoyed eating braunschweiger pre-primal but it's tough to find it nowadays(even organic) without some type of additive. The sausages they have available through this site seem pretty clean as far as ingredients go.

    So before I go and order like 5 tubes of each I wanted to know if they were worth getting. Also, how do the lamb spare ribs stack up? 6.67 a pound seems pretty nice.

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    MMMMM, headcheese!
    I have also had their pemmican bars and beef bacon. All were delicious.


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      Their Braunschweiger is to die for, tastes very rich though, you will only need a small slice or two with eggs. I fry up raw braunschweiger in lard (instead of bacon like most people) to go with my morning eggs. Or you can have a couple slices (fried up in butter) with your main meal, and that would be your meat.
      You will not be disappointed


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        I had mixed results with their products. I liked the jerky quite a bit - but it is too salty for regular use IMO. I hated the sausages I got - they were very dry. The liverwurst was okay - but I don't really enjoy it - I just don't like the taste of liver. When I ate liverwurst as a kid it was the grocery store stuff on white bread with miracle whip 0_0 ....I guess that was why I didn't really taste the liver! I have braunschweiger in the freezer but haven't tried it yet.
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          i like their liverwurst, brauschweiger, and esp the pemmican. I've bought lamb to round out an order, i think it was ground lamb. Was delicious!

          the only problem i have w/ the liverwurst & braunschweiger is that i have to eat it all myself b/c my husband hates it. He despises liver.


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            Awesome! Thanks for the reviews and usage tips. I'll be going forward with that order then when the certificate comes in the mail. I probably won't be getting the jerky just because I like to make my own.

            Any takers on the lamb spare ribs? I'm not too big on ground anything. Probably because I grew up on Hamburger Helper *barf*.