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Low Carb Flu HELP!

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  • Low Carb Flu HELP!

    I find it almost unbearable. I get mostly nausea (all day) and diarrhea (after eating).

    I am wondering if anyone else has had an especially tough time making over the 2 week to month long adapting phase. Essentially, like everyone else here, I am too busy to be feeling sick and slowing down my life. Yes, I know that I will have to make time for sickness later in my life if I don't commit, which is why I want to give it an honest shot.

    I am ready to make the change I am just looking for some tips that people might have to smooth the transition. I think that some of you will suggest cutting carbohydrates down slowly, which is definitely not going to work for me due to INTENSE cravings.

    Any wisdom is greatly appreciated!

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    When I transitioned into primal eating, I experienced the flu like symptoms. From my experience, eating a little less, slowly adding more fat to my diet and keeping my exercise to walking helped me. I slowly ate more and after 2 weeks I added in weights again.


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      I did the transition over several months, actually, first by cutting out HFCS & then by slowly eating fewer & fewer grains. I didn't completely cut them out until the beginning of January, but even so, I still have a bit now & again (yesterday's hunk with my greek salad at panera was like heaven), but I'm determined to only break the rules for the really good stuff.

      Personally, I'd fulfill that intense carb craving for at least awhile with your favorite fruits & veggies. Yeah, your carbs will be higher than you might like, but it's better than gorging on a pizza.

      And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
      Kahlil Gibran


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        Just keep reminding yourself that in two weeks time, it will be today, and you'll be through the tough times. It can be rough in the beginning, but time passes, and after a month you'll be feeling happy and smiling.

        Also, the flu can last for a few weeks for some people, but many make the transition quicker. For me the nausea and lousy feelings dragged on a for a few days, then one morning I woke up and felt great. From then I just felt better every day for the next six weeks. A pretty good deal, the primal eating!