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The Weather is a Major Cause of Carb Craving

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  • The Weather is a Major Cause of Carb Craving

    I don't know if many of you are in a similar situation as I am though but I know a common cause of carb craving. Whether you frequent outdoors in the Fall/Winter for a job or other purposes or you have a house that you cannot afford to heat, you will probably feel a strong urge to eat more. But if you are already meeting your daily requirements of meat and fat, carbohydrates seem to be the solution.

    I was wondering why I was going through this debasing phase of carb craving as I already eat 90 grams of carbs of day and only am on the very light end of moderate exercise daily. I would feel satisfied and then I would have this huge craving. And I just started eating Paleo four months ago and I since I began I did not have a problem with carbs as I had already had kept it low months before that. I thought I was going through a phase of weakness and I was beginning to over-analyze myself until I bought a heater today. I have felt one of the most sudden changes in appetite and overall satisfaction since I started using it and have not been hungry since.

    The body expends a lot of energy when it has to work or do some type of activity for prolonged periods of time in cold temperature; and also increased mass is an instinct that draws subconsciously to fight the cold. But I have always felt a strange contradiction to that as well with a feeling like having some excess body fat made me feel colder instead of more insulated because I felt like my body had to compensate and create more blood and blood vessels to warm more areas of the body now with increased mass, that wasn't muscle; the "additional" areas of my body were excess so they caused an unnatural shape which would cause irregularities with body processes; and also with the increase in skin area. But there is also a insulating effect simultaneously but this chilling effect I believe is also very significant.

    But activity level is mainly the major cause for carb craving, so I am not selling people short here by saying this is a real major cause but one I believe it is very significant and can also be causing people great confusion.
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    I agree. Nothing makes me as ravenous as being out in the cold. I'll eat any carb that isn't nailed down when I get back in the house.


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      ~tongue in cheek~ ....As a meteorologist..(really) I forecast weather in northern Greenland...your thesis that "weather is a major cause of carb craving" would then be reduce to it being the SUN! :-) which flies in the face of everything, for without the sun we would not be here, at least in this form. From a psychological stand point I would go more with "our reaction to the weather" being one of the ingredients to our carb craving. Not to mention what might be going on chemically on the nano scale.. DOH.. all in fun.. I just walked 10 minutes in M38C wind chill, ate a nice brunch, eggs, bacon, berries, and walked back, having a cup of coffee in my room and feel great! Plus it is Dark season up here...LOL

      Merry Christmas
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        I hate to point out that it's beneficial to gain a few pounds in the winter, but it is. If Grok froze to death, what would be the point? Late fall is a time when wild temperate humans (and pretty much all mammals) can easily gorge on roots and nuts, to add ten or thirty pounds for insulation and to survive the icy, relatively foodless winter. The answer to how much weight to gain in the fall and winter boils down to how closely you live like Grok. Since I don't live like Grok much at all, and have a computer and a somewhat warm house, I don't need to gain any weight. So instead of giving in to the sweet potato siren, I just drink plenty of real, thick coconut milk to keep my body temperature up and curb hunger.
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