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How do you handle cleaning?

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  • How do you handle cleaning?

    Not quite nutrition exactly, but it is the dark side of cooking something scrumptious: cleaning the dishes.

    Being in college, I find cleaning dishes to be a time sink and not to mention a bore. Sometimes it is hard to get to my dishes and wares after eating and the stuff just cakes on and is near impossible to get off.

    So what tricks do yall use to minimize the clean up in the first place and/or make the clean up manageable say when you have let something cake on?

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    After eating I give the plate a scrape and quick rinse then set it aside for the next meal. I will use the same plate/bowl/utensil for 3-5day before actually washing it thoroughly.


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      Eliminating procrastination is key. Having a dog for pre-rinse helps too.


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        Having a dishwasher solved this problem for me.
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          Acid works to cut grease. Vinegar, lemon, lime.
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            It's dishes. Just do it.

            You'll find a whole lot of adult life is a time sink and a bore. Housework is a fact of life, unless you can pay someone else to do it for you.


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              Stop being a man child and wash your fucking dishes.


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                Originally posted by marqueemoon View Post
                Stop being a man child and wash your fucking dishes.
                LOL I was thinking this but wasn't going to say it.


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                  I do them, it's just that frequently time constraints get in my way of getting to them right away. I end up running out the door with the last bits of food in my hand to make it class or something else, after having just had to stick the dishes in room because I didn't have time to get to them. I live in a house with one kitchen and 10 house mates, 4 of which use the kitchen as frequently as me. And we don't have a dishwasher.

                  It's not like I have a problem with doing dishes. It just turns into a matter of cleaning dishes right away or being late for work/class or not eating at all for quite a few hours. I wasn't asking as a way to avoid dishes; if i wanted to do that I would just blow my money on a campus food plan. All I want is tips to make the process easier in general, especially when stuff does have a chance to get caked on.

                  So...unless you have something to contribute, don't bother berating me for being a "child" and take your trolling elsewhere.


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                    Having a sense of humor goes a long way in life.

                    If shit's caked on not much else you can do except for letting it soak for a bit in hot water and detergent. To prevent caking during the cooking process you could grease the cooking implement or even line it with foil if applicable. Like when I roast sweet potatoes in the oven I'll put a layer of foil down on the baking pan so I don't have to do any clean up. Just ball up the foil and toss.


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                      1) Do your dishes as you cook, instead of after.

                      2) Minimize the number of different dishes you use to cook.

                      3) Just do the damn dishes.

                      4) Plan your time better so you have 45 seconds after eating to clean up.

                      5) Just do the damn dishes.

                      I've been a lazy-ass about dishes my whole life. I hate doing them. The only thing that works is to just do the damn dishes.
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                        Take a tip from busy working moms and spend a day a week cooking big batches of stuff. Store in the freezer in small enough portions that you can either easily thaw in the fridge or pop in the microwave.
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                          If you don't have time to do your dishes, it's because you didn't make time to do them - and that's the bottom line. IMO, Ketoi has the best general advice for your living arrangement.

                          The irony of you making this post - on this nutrition forum - is comical to me. Stop making excuses and figure it out.

                          Dude, you're talking about fucking dishes..... relax, stop stressing, make time, have a plan, and get them done with 5 minute to spare.

                          There is a huge difference between talking about how to do something and getting it fucking done.


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                            Yup, because you're the only one who goes to work and school. FWIW, I do both, Full Time.


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                              line baking dishes with parchment paper,
                              use paper plates
                              do the dishes when it is just a pan, plate and fork. dont wait till it is a gross mess,
                              and man up
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