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Butter & ghee as migraine triggers

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  • Butter & ghee as migraine triggers


    Before I ditched the grains I used to eat oats with a spoonful of ghee melted on top, and it was never an issue for me. I got the green light and so bought 2kg of the stuff, but by this time had dropped the oats from my diet. The result? Instant migraine after eating ghee. I suppose the grains were soaking up the fat and keeping it from entering my bloodstream, crossing the blood/brain barrier or something along those lines. Maybe it is good for something after all!

    Butter caused the same reaction with or without the oats (I've tried salted and unsalted and also MDA favourite, Kerrygold), but I'm OK with cream. Cream is nutritionally very similar to butter except for the processing so I'm curious to know why it makes such a difference. I've heard the yellow colour comes from the natural beta-carotene found in dairy so it's not an added chemical toxin that's knocking me out. Apparently white butter - which I've never seen come to think of it - comes from cows that have been force-fed corn and not allowed to roam and chew the cud so I doubt that will be any safer for migraine sufferers.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Does it have anything to do with the lactose? Butter has almost none and cream has quite a bit.


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      I don't have an answer for you on the main question, just some speculation, but I have a really good suggestion about the migraines. I used to get them from time to time, but now I take a Magnesium pill every day, and I only get them once every three or four months.

      The mechanism wouldn't have been oats soaking up fat. That's just not how our digestive processes work. You still would have had the ghee fat in your bloodstream. I wonder if maybe your body is more sensitive to things now that you have ditched the grains. Without the grains, your body has had a chance to heal up the damage and is starting to work more efficiently, so it may respond more viciously to a lesser offense like whatever in ghee is throwing you off.
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        Agreeing on the magnesium. I have been taking 1000 mg every day and it has worked wonders. I use to get migraines for variety of reasons (food, preservatives, weather, hormones) and very rarely get them now when I know I normally would. It won't give you free rein to eat whatever you want, but it will most likely cut down on the number and severity of them.

        And magnesium is something most people are supposedly low on anyway.

        ETA: How long have you been Primal? When I first started, my body was super sensitive to some foods, especially ones I cut out. Now I don't have anywhere near the same reaction to the same foods.


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          No, I don't think it's the lactose as I'm fine with milk which contains more than butter and cream.

          Thanks for the magnesium tip - I'll look into that. I've never tried taking it in large doses, only in A-Z vitamins which I think were doing more harm than good, probably because they were full of dodgy sounding chemicals.

          I started eating meat again about 6 months ago (really just chicken, lamb, duck and fish due to intolerances) and went grain-free about a month after. I do feel more clear-headed and in touch with the real world than I did when I was riding the blood-sugar rollercoaster, but still very sensitive to food triggers as well as environmental ones like perfume/aftershave and stale cigarette smoke. Maybe I was always prone to the latter, but didn't realise because I was so messed up all the time and didn't notice the highs and lows. If I ate nothing but chicken and veg and never left the house I'm sure I'd be fine. Not much of a life though.