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  • Potluck

    so, imagine the potluck I had at lunch today.

    Bread / Croissant. Potato chips. Processed meats. Pop. Soup made with a roux. Carbs carbs carbs and am thinking shit I can't eat any of this shit. Now I know what it feels like to left handed or have a gluten allergy. Wholly molly.

    Now here is the funny part, everyone was talking about bacon/fat recipes an gosh "oh man, the heart attack." The cholesterol.

    Anways, not to sound snooty or anything. was just interesting is all.

    I suppose then I started thinking, say I do the PB diet, then I binge carb every once in a while, that's prolly bad huh?

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    Bring stuff to the potluck you can eat. Problem solved.
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      What Happens to Your Body When… You Carb Binge? | Mark's Daily Apple
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        Dayum, I gotta try this...


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          Yeah, that's bad. Bring some meatballs next time.
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            I wouldn't worry about the carbs per say - it's the grains you want to avoid. I always bring something that I can enjoy and then pick around the other stuff. Once in a while I'll have whatever it served.

            I do so much of my own food prep now days that sometimes I am shocked to see the food at the potlucks. Even by CW standards the food it pretty horrible.
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              yeah, it was a paradigm shift fo sho... I just stared at folks.. quietly, like a wild animal in a zoo amongst other animals not from the wild. I felt sad, I felt maybe I was wrong. I felt maybe this is not true. I felt like when I got home I will have three beers.