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  • A beer a day?

    Okay, well my wife and I have transitioned to primal over the last six months and I am eating 99% primal and her somewhere around 90% (if these things can be calculated accurately.)

    Prior to going primal and since, I cannot get over my love for craft brews. I used to homebrew and I love trying new beers all the time. I usually have one beer every night at around 8:00 PM when I finally settle in from work. I'm not drinking bud lights here, so I am consuming probably around 200 calories or so with each brew.

    Just wondering if this fits into my 20% and what long term effects this moderate drinking will have. There are some reported health benefits to a drink a day, so curious what others thought?

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    It's fine. Enjoy your beer.


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      I have a beer / glass of wine a day....pretty much every day. I include it in my 20% and enjoy it...sometimes I enjoy it so much that I have two!
      I also love craft beer - dark and malty, crisp and hoppy - whatever! We are always trying new ones so some nights it's beer and cheese for snacks while cooking dinner.
      I look at it as my 20% and while I don't 'calculate' my percentage - I stay away from all grain products (except alcohol) and all sugar (except alcohol), all fake sugar, all vegetable oils...all processed foods. I figure the beer and wine HAS to be within 20% or less, right? lol

      tasty craft beer makes me happy - so I drink it.

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        I have been a very heavy beer drinker past several years. Unfortunately it caused a lot health problems for me that lead me to seek a healthy diet.

        The problem with beer is that it contains gluten. At least it is a problem for me. I have been gluten free for last 2 months, last sunday I had a beer for the first time in 2 months since I started eating paleo and gluten free. I immediately developed skin rash and flu like symptoms. So for me I am going to skip beer for now.


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          Ditto pbj. Homebrewer here. I lost 100 lbs drinking one or two beers a day. I'm a little more formal in that I count it in my carb count. But that is all. It is my only exception of any magnitude.


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            I have a beer. . . . pretty much every day. I include it in my 20% and enjoy it...sometimes I enjoy it so much that I have two!
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              Switch to whiskey. It's more fun to make, and minimal carbs.


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                Cider!!!! Mmmmm!!!!


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                  I drink a beer or have some wine maybe every other day. I don't worry about it.
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                    Yeah, if it makes you happy and you don't notice anything substantially wrong with your health, it's fine.


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                      More than the carb load, I would worry about the potential for silent inflammation from the gluten and other grain compounds in there. If you're still losing or maintaining weight the way you want to, then the carbs/calories are not going to be the problem. Maybe you could see if there is anything worthwhile in the world of gluten free craft beer?
                      Personally, I would make the switch to red wine or hard liquor, but it's a matter of preference. If the beer really makes you happier, than whatever, what's the worst that happens? You'll be fine as long as you're hitting your other nutritional and fitness goals. If you're not hitting those goals though... then you may need to reconsider it.
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