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    Hi ladies (or men that have insight to the menstrual cycle)! My PMS cramps have gotten pretty bad in the last year. I've been primal for over 2 years now andI would have thought any pms symptoms would be reversed. But my entire pre-paleo/primal life I rarely had cramps, maybe 1 out of every 6 months would I get this charming forewarning. But now it's every month and I wake up all cranky & pained. I'd like to know what could possibly be off/missing from my diet that could contributing to this. I take a whole-food based vitamin about 1x a week, I take an electrolyte supplement (trace minerals, iodine from kelp, etc etc), VitaminD3. Anything you can think of to help me trouble shoot would be GRAND!

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    p.s. apologies if this thread's been done already, I couldn't find any that related


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      There is a whole "for the women groks" thread somewhere around here...

      What' sin your multi vitamin? How's your magnesium intake? Magnesium is often linked to cramps, and a lot of women find some relief in supplementing that.
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        I've been a lurker for a while and have not yet officially introduced myself. But I found that everything I knew about my menstrual cycle was turned upside down after I entered my 40s. Sometimes more severe, focused cramping... Sometimes feeling sick..I think this is just periomenopause and there is not a ton you can do about it.

        Not sure if you are in the right age bracket for this sort of thing. But I thought I'd mention it as it was very surprising to me when I first started going through it


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          Are you losing weight on this diet? Fat loss can temporarily and sporadically jack up your hormones, especially if you've been on hormonal birth control before. If that's what's causing it, it should re-regulate as your weight loss tapers off. Perimenopause is a strong possibility. But, if you're experiencing pain you hadn't been previously, best to see your doc.
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            Zinc picolinate 50 mg and Vitamin E 400 IUs helped me. My ibuprofen use has dropped in half. Just one cycle with the E so far...I'm hoping to be pain-free soon!
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              If you are over 40 you might try a natural Progesterone cream. Start with 1/2 the recommended amount. Give it a try for 3 months and see if there is a positive change.


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                ok thanks, I'll look harder for the woman grok threads. I'm only 31, so I'd be really scared & mad at all my years of eating CAFO cattle & eating tofu if I'm really going through perimenopause! Eep! I will experiment this month with magnesium & see what happens, then I'll play around with E if that doesn't work. If I do BOTH this month I wouldn't know which helped. @RedMenace (which is funny, I have a friend that calls me that too!) I wonder how much taking a b.c.pill messes your hormones up. I took one once back in college for 3 months & stopped for about 5 years. Then took it again for 1 year, then stopped for a few. Then took it again for a year etc. So I wonder how much that's goofed me up and if THATS not to blame for my "new" cramp issues. When I was younger I just assumed it works when y ou take it, stop taking it & all goes back to *normal*...i wonder.

                Thanks ladies I appreciate it alot!!