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    According to big medicine the amount of Vitamin D we need, after numerous trials, is inconclusive.

    Thanks big medicine.

    Questions remain about vitamin D benefits and risks -

    Vitamin D Data Limited and Inconclusive, Say Studies - ABC News

    Are the Benefits of Vitamin D Overhyped?

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    Don't believe the BS from the Media Propaganda. It is all designed to make the drug companies & medics rich. More sickness = more money for these groups.

    My authority on this subject is Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis and Neurologist Dr. Kruse. Both agree that people suffer a Pandoras Box of disease from Vitamin D3 deficiency. Who are you going to believe, the Propaganda that promotes the "Food Pyramid" or reputable doctors?

    Dr. Kruze:
    Vitamin D optimization thoughts - Jack Kruse
    Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world

    Dr. Davis: ( search his blog for Vitamin D3 )
    The Heart Scan Blog | Measure, track, and reduce coronary atherosclerotic plaque

    Dr Kruse says:
    DISEASES ASSOCIATED WITH LOW VITAMIN D LEVELS: (below 30 ng/ml on a Vitamin D 25 (OH) test

    •Rickets and osteomalacia and psoriasis
    •Seizures, muscle tetanus and heart failure in the newly born
    •Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
    •Cancer of all types
    •Heart disease (the number killer of men and women)
    •High blood pressure development
    •Obesity from all causes
    •Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    •Mental illness of all types
    •Chronic pain centrally or peripherally mediated.
    •Muscular weakness
    •Radiation poisoning
    •Diabetes…..especially metabolic syndrome and T2D development
    •Multiple sclerosis and most autoimmune diseases



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      LOL @ calling mr bullshit Dr. Kruse a reputable doctor.

      I do want to point out this stupid quote from the study though:

      "[N]o clear evidence indicates that vitamin D supplementation has a role to play in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, outside of clinical studies," the authors wrote.

      WTF does that even mean? So clinical studies show vitamin d plays a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, but no other clear evidence? Are clinical studies not clear evidence?
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        Grizz, I agree...BS from the Media Propaganda is a good way to put it.


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          Big Pharma has no interest in Vit D because it's OTC, and they can't get a patent and charge $$$--as they do with statins--and the govt. and the media are pawns of Big Pharma.

          When I raised my D level, I never felt better in my life--although I hadn't realized that I was feeling sub par before.

          When my sister started taking Vit. D supplements, her severe psoriasis cleared up--although she had been taking treatments and Rx meds (some very, very expensive) for years with no improvement at all.

          The results we've experienced are enough to convince me to keep my level between 75 and 100.


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            Riiiight. People who make medicine want you to be sick so they can keep making money off of you but supplement manufacturers want you to take their product forever in high doses out of the goodness of their hearts.


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              Vitamin D can be obtained by increasing exposure to sunlight, fish, cod liver oil, milk, and eggs. Vitamin D benefits are, vitamin D body stores and blood levels fewer diseases, stronger bones and muscles, fewer infections, less depression, pain and inflammation.


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                sunlight #1
                Supplement with D3.....forget the regular D.
                I cant find the article at the moment, but an exec at the CDC has even stated that Vitamin D3 is better to take than the flu vac.

                Vitamin C + Vtamin D3.....get that immune system running baby!!!
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                  I supplement with D3 sporadically, depending on how much sun I'm getting. I try to get my shirt off on my deck for at least 20 minutes a day. And yes, the medico-pharmo-agro-fedro-media industrial complex (still working on that one) hates Vitamin D, therefore something must be right with it.