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  • How much is too much?

    I've just bought the Perfect health Diet, and read the supplement section. It got me wondering how much is too much... when it comes to supplements and RDAs.

    I have literally just started to supplement, and I currently take a multivitamin (vitamin code) that provides 1,500 IU of Vitamin A, and 250 mcg Vitamin D in One cap.

    The stated does is 4 caps.

    I also take High Vitamin Fermented CLO, 1 cap = 950 IU Vitamin A, 195 IU of Vitamin D.

    The stated does it 10 caps.

    Now, if I took the stated dose of each, as stated on the bottle, I would be obtaining 15,500 IU Vitamin A and 2950 of Vitamin D. That seems awfully high, especially when you consider the RDAs of each are much, much lower. And Vitamin A in particular is toxic and aging in high doses. And that's before factoring in sunshine, plus dietetry sources... with both those you really are getting up there in terms of numbers!

    Not only that, but the ratio is skewed quite dramatically towards the Vitamin A, which I read, is a bad thing. The ideal ration should be 3 Vit A -to- 1 Vit D.

    I compromise somewhat with the dosage, because I don't want to stress about it. But I'd be interested in seeing how other folks deal with the issue, and if you have any 'strategy's'.

    For me, I take 2 caps of one, but only on alternate days... It's the only way I feel that I can cover my bases by getting at least SOME nutrients, (though perhaps still being under on some of the minerals like copper, chromium, magnesium, etc) but without the risks of completely overdosing on something,like Vitamin A, especially as my diet is so clean since turning Paleo.

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    I kind of do what you are doing. I have these supplements: Vit K2, B Complex, B-12, D3 (5000IU), and a multivitamin. Every day I take 1 or 2 D3. The rest I take a few times a week. I usually only take 2 different vitamins a day, ie. Vit D and a Multivitamin or Vit D and K2.

    Not sure if this is best, but there is so much conflicting data out there. I think if you are eating according to the PB, you don't really need to take any supplements unless testing indicates you do. I really like the D3 since it is so dark where I live in the Winter.


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      I'm planning on having full tests done in a few months and unless they show up any major deficiencies (apart from d3) I'll carry on relying on just what's in my food.

      I do eat liver at least 3 times a month as well as working in other offal occasionally. I also eat seaweed / sea vegetables each week.
      I like the d3 as I found that I didn't burn in the summer after taking 8000 iu at least every other day throughout the winter.
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      Originally posted by tfarny
      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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        I used two supplement lists when I started out - first, the one that Robb Wolf advocates, and secondly the one that Jack Kruse advocates. Both say you do not need to take all of them forever. You can find Robb's in his book spread over a 5 or 6 page segment, not in a list form but he did address the fat solubles here: Vitamins A, D and K: Who Cares?
        And you can find Jack Kruse's list here: WHAT ARE THE TOP TEN PALEO SUPPLEMENTS? - Jack Kruse

        I made a cheat sheet to take to the doc's and he only raised his eyebrows at Robb's 15 gr fish oil/day. I have since cut back to 4. There are a few differences but they both have two stated purposes - Robb's was to get his ass back into viability after nearly killing himself as a vegan, and Jack's as adjunct to the dietary changes made for the Leptin reset.

        I asked my mom about the CLO she was forced to take as a kid and she said only in the "R" months. Kids got kicked out of the house play outside the house when she was a girl. I remember my brother and I being sent out to play or given the option of helping with yard work, washing cars, etc if we were caught lazing around. We nearly always had a nut brown tan end of summer and the car, as I recall, stayed pretty darn dirty.


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          I deal with it by not taking a multi. I eat a lot of veggies and good food, and I think that has me mostly covered. Then I take a few smart things, the essentials like vit D and etc. I think it has been shown to be very questionable - no matter what Mark says - about whether or not a multi benefits you at all or even hurts you. Why not just supplement smartly with some of the things you know you need more of or would like more of to meet a goal or accomodate a special situation. And eat more veggies.

          Btw, I would really be careful with that volume of Vitamin A.
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            Vitamin A is not toxic if 1. a natural form; and 2. taken with vitamin D; 3. Not an unusually high dose like 50,000IU regularly. When choosing CLO:

            1. It is vital the Vitamin A and D are from the natural oil - NOT SYNTHETIC
            2. The ratio is excellent 1:10 D:A or better (better means more D) like 1:8 D:A
            3. A premium brand that does not damage the fats

            I take about 16g CLO Daily which equals about: Vitamin A 10,000 IU and Vitamin D 1,200 IU. The toxicity studies are done with isolated synthetic Vitamin A in the absence of vitamin D.

            Don't be scared to have CLO, just make sure you cover the checklist above.

            Note that the CLO that you are having that provides the A15,500IU : D2950IU is likely to have synthetic A and/or D (its about 1:5). If the pills are quite small this is even more likely. If the jar has an ingredient list like "Cod liver oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D" it is synthetic. It should only say "Cod liver Oil 100%". Real CLO should need big pills.

            Hope all this helps
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