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Limiting Christmas Damage

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  • Limiting Christmas Damage

    I started Paleo just over two weeks ago and it's been a kinda slow switch - gradually eating more and more Paleo meals. I'd say I'm about 95% of the way there now but for Christmas I am spending two days at my partners house (who's whole family eats utter rubbish) and I'm worried that if I fall off the wagon too much I may never get back on.

    So... I have some ideas for limiting the damage, feedback much appreciated! I'm not going there until some time Christmas morning so I'm planning to start the day with a protein loaded breakfast to set me up for the day.

    I figure the Christmas meal itself shouldn't be too bad as there should be plenty of meat. I'll fill myself up completely on the main meal (yes potatoes) and allow that to be an excuse to skip dessert. I'm not a fan of Christmas puds anyway.

    Later in the day when all the chocolate and snacks come out, I'll head for the nuts & dates and avoid the chocolate.

    The only tricky area I see is the evening. We tend to have a light meal - usually a turkey sandwich in the evening. I have not touched bread in almost 3 weeks and I *really* don't want to now. If I'm goping to cheat, it's not going to be on some crappy sandwich that I won't even like (not a sandwich fan at the best of times) No idea what I can do here. Any thoughts?

    Boxing day is also tricky as I'm not sure what the food plans are. I need to come home in the morning to feed my cat (I live 5 mins away) so I'm going to have breakfast at home again. I considered maybe bringing some kind of Paleo snacks with me, but I'm not sure how I can make that look like "hey this is a foodie gift from me" rather than "your food is crap, so I brought my own" - know what I mean? Any feedback appreciated!

    This is my first post so hi :-)


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    I've been in your situation, and what I do about the 'sandwich' issue is explain that I've been avoiding all grains because of GI issues and would love to just have a couple of slices of turkey. With all the other stuff around, including a big dinner, I find that enough to eat.

    WARNING-I once gave in and had a sandwich--and it was awful, as if I'm going to eat any bread at all, I want it to be great bread. This wasn't, and I really regretted eating it.

    You can bring your Paleo snacks with a comment like, "I've been on a restricted diet recently, so I brought some of the things that I regularly eat and am hoping you'll enjoy them, too." [This doesn't sound too much like "Your food is crap" does it? I agree that it's a fine line to manage.]


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      My partner understands what I'm doing but the parents absolutely don't. She suggested to her parents that they try giving up sugar together for a while and her mum's response was "so does this mean you're not going to be eating the chocolate I brought you back from Germany?" followed by general sulking!

      However you have a point there re hunger. I probably won't need that sandwich and rather than try to explain the whole grain thing I could just say I'm too full for a whole sandwich so perhaps just some turkey and a little salad. I think they do have salad stuff around so that's something.


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        Make a dessert and take that to share with the family, you can make it primal and not even tell them.


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          I would bring a veggie dish to have with the Christmas meal, so if there isn't enough other primal food, you can load up on something you know is 'safe'. As to the snacks, just skip em altogether, you shouldn't be hungry if you eat enough at your previous meal. And as already suggested, a sandwich minus the bread is the way to go-use lettuce as your wrap if you want!
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            Seriously, I would hate to spend my Christmas with you people.
            Yeah, my grammar sucks. Deal with it!


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              So far for all the Christmas parties, potlucks and staff meetings I have managed to do pretty well. There's the just don't say anything while I pile meat and butter and salad onto my plate. There's the I'm not hungry tactic while I sip a coffee and everyone else eats muffins. There's the I think I just feel like a salad and some turkey method when I don't want the sandwich.

              But Christmas pudding? The English stuff with the brandy and cream? I'd say yes to that for sure.
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                I've always hated Christmas pudding and they already know that so that's cool hehe! I'm actually more of a savoury person so as already suggested if I eat enough for the main meal I should be ok and I can stick to snacking on nuts and maybe some dried fruit. I will have a look through my recipes and maybe try a paleo dessert as suggested as well.


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                  It's my plan to avoid the gains, but have a little of the sweets at Christmas. I'm going to have my grandma's pumpkin pie, but only eat the filling.