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  • Insights and guidance appreciated

    I've been working the program for about 3 weeks. I've read the book a couple times and have referred to it regularly. I feel good and have seen some progress but nothing like some on here. By the way, I'm a former football and rugby playing geezer who is 6'1" and now 276...down from 340 in April of 2011 primarily having tracked what I ate on LoseIt. First goal is 235.

    I do the cardio regularly (5 -6 hrs/wk) within Mark's HR guidelines and have just started the BBS weight program.

    So, what about jack pepper cheese and cheddar cheese as snacks - 3 -5 oz per time? How about cream cheese and celery? Is there such a thing as too much protein? I'd rather eat bacon, chicken, lean burger and sliced deli turkey than almost anything else.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

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    Hello, I thought of this:
    On Dairy and Insulin | Mark's Daily Apple

    "No Easy Answer.
    Dairyís not for everyone. I donít like milk, so I stick to good cheese, pastured butter, cream and the whey in Primal Fuel when Iím in a hurry, while avoiding most straight-up milk, but I think good milk may be fine for many people. As always, experiment. Dairy seems to stall weight loss for some people, so you might try taking it out of the diet if you canít lean out."

    It looks like your fat loss is rockin', so maybe the dairy is fine for you. Or maybe elimination of it would help you.

    Re: protein, check Mark's Daily Apple


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      Thanks for your thoughts, Frankie - I appreciate it.