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    Hi All,

    I just input my food intake for today via FitDay(I know, it's only one day!) and noticed that my thiamin, potassium, calcium, and iron are lower than the recommended daily intake. I'm surprised because today I ate a lot of veggies: spinach, carrot, cauliflower, zucchini, onion ; as well as bacon, eggs, roast beef, and chicken. I don't sway very far from what I ate today, meaning, this is a typical day.

    The thiamin stands out because I looked it up and supposedly most people get it from grains. Is this common? Is it the reason for my brain fog???

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    I had this same question a few weeks back. Thiamine is very important for carbohydrate synthesis; being that this is a low-carb diet, the need for thiamine may be reduced. However, it is also a powerful coenzyme for ribose/deoxyribose synthesis on the pentose sugar pathway (necessary, of course, for the cell cycle) and for ATP synthesis.

    As to your other concerns, I have heard before that the need for calcium is lessened on Primal because less calcium salts are leached from the bones to compensate for an overacidic diet... potassium and calcium compete for the same metabolic pathways and ergo potassium requirements are reduced as well.

    Iron is important but I have no answer for that one... can you post a screenshot of your FitDay, or just list everything you ate and the portions, so I can make a better analysis?


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      Hi Mstrudle,

      Thanks for your thoughtful and informative reply!

      You might be surprised by how much I eat (I am!), but to explain, I'm breast feeding a 2 year old boy who suckles up to once an hour, so I figure he consumes at least 500 calories. I'd like to bring my carbs lower, so I think I'll reduce the fruit and almond butter! I realize that this is just one day. How might I tweak it for more iron?

      1 banana

      1 avocado

      3TBS almond butter

      50g frozen blueberries

      100g frozen strawberries

      150g roast beef

      20g pork sausage

      1 piece medium bacon

      2 large eggs

      1TBS goose fat

      1oz cooked spinach

      .25 cup onions

      .25 cup mushrooms

      1/4 medium zucchini

      .25 cup raw carrot

      1 cup raw cauliflower

      1 medium stalk celery

      1 cup raw broccoli

      .75 cup yoghurt

      1 medium chicken breast

      1 tsp cod liver oil

      Calories: 2,185

      Fat: 135.6 (54%)

      Carbs: 110.9 (19%)

      Protein: 144.2 (27%)


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        You can get iron alternatively from plant or animal sources, but animal-based iron (heme iron) is much more bioavailable than plant-based (non-heme iron).

        These are the top ten most iron-rich foods from WebMD:

        Red meat

        Egg yolks

        Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards)

        Dried fruit (prunes, raisins)

        Iron-enriched cereals and grains (check the labels)

        Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops)

        Turkey or chicken giblets

        Beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans



        You can discount the plant sources, which are poorly absorbed; the most iron then, is in red meat, eggs, some sea food, and turkey, none of which you are eating on a typical day. It looks like you could up the amount of meat you are eating. 150g roast beef, 20g pork sausage, 1 piece of bacon, and 1 medium chicken breast isn't all that much, especially if you are nursing a child. Don't be afraid of eating plenty of primal foods; you and your baby both need it!

        Anyway, I would suggest eating more red meat. The body's daily requirement for iron is 20g, a percentage of which comes from recycled red blood cells, so don't sweat it too much if you don't eat exactly 20g or more. I say cut out the chicken breast (it tastes like garbage anyway) and replace it with red meat, or eggs. If price is an issue, you can get a dozen eggs fairly cheaply, and they are highly nutritious.

        Hope I helped!


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          Thanks so much mstrudle! I think I'll be addind in some egg yolks! I had a heafty portion of meatballs today, scented with cinnamon, and fried in goose fat. Heavenly!