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    I'm a snacker, especially when on the computer and sitting in the living room. I'm going primal (more in the new year as Christmas is a manic time for food) as best I can but I'm lost on what to eat for a snack.


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    Hmmmm we don't really snack around here.

    Seriously, once you've been primal for a while the need for snacking goes, as it should. But while you work on getting there, things like celery, macadamias, some cheese if you tolerate dairy, are all good options. But keep in mind that constant snacking is very un-primal. Your meals should be so full of fat and protein that ou won't crave anything until your next meal is due.


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      Really? Wow. Okay I have a lot to learn!


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        Yeah, but there are some of us who are at normal weight, like to snack, and don't worry about it!


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          I was a huge snacker but after almost a month have gone 7hrs between meals. Completely foreign to me - I 'normally' eat every 2hrs. Maybe a spoon of coconut oil or I eat an umeboshi (Japanese salty plum - not to all tastes!).

          If everyone else is nibbling and I'm being social (an important part of our food culture also) I will find the raw veges, some good cheese or nuts (preferably raw) but I think you will find you can just do without or very little. I would not have believed it possible if I hadn't done it. I even let my DH eat the box of chocs he brought home from work - this time last year he would have lost an arm trying to get just one!


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            When I first went primal I snacked on little meatballs, nuts and chorizo (last one is not 100% primal but whatever). I tried some veggies with nacho cause I love nacho's with salsa, but nothing compares really.


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              • Meatballs
              • Steak slices
              • Chorizo bites (chop chorizo and fry in bacon fat)
              • Lunch-meat, avocado, and lettuce roll-ups
              • Shredded chicken (with some mayo) on celery sticks or cheese crackers
              • Liverwurst, pate spread on celery or cheese crackers
              • Sardine pate spread on celery or cheese crackers

              • Berries, nuts, and whipped heavy cream. or yogurt.
              • Berries, bacon, and cottage cheese. or yogurt.
              • Cocoa almond butter truffles

              • Hard boiled eggs (though, actually, it's much more fool-proof to steam them!)
              • Coconut icecream
              • Banana ice cream (google "1 ingredient ice cream")

              • Cheese crisps/crackers
              • Kale chips
              • Coconut chips (they sell large strips)
              • Sweet potato fries
              • Pork rinds
              • Banana covered in chocolate then frozen.
              • Carrot or cucumber sticks dipped in cottage cheese. or yogurt.
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                Thank you! This is going to be such an adjustment and even a list like that is something I can look back on and use as a reference. I'm not a big meat eater so this is going to be difficult in some parts but I can do veggies and cottage cheeese happily!


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                  Put the snack down and back away quickly (but don't trip over anything & hurt yourself!)

                  Aim for 3 hardy meals/day, rich in protein, fat, and veggies. Eventually you'll find that you can go with only 1-2 meals a day, but just listen to your body after feeding it right for a while.
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                    You should read the Primal Blueprint before you get started. Snacking should not be necessary. If what you are talking about is "recreational eating", then do you really need someone to tell you that it's not good? I suppose if you aren't trying to lose weight, recreational eating could be your way of life (until your insulin receptors burn out and you get fat like the rest of us), but you get more health benefits by giving your digestive system a daily break. You're a human, not a cow.
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                      I don't know if 'snacking' is so bad~ it seems to me that gathering lends itself to nibbling as you go~ a couple of berries here, a wild onion there, a last pathetic little apple that the birds overlooked~

                      I think paleo/primal eating is less structured than CW~ breakfast if you're hungry (or there is something to eat) lunch if you're hungry (or you got lucky while hunting/gathering) dinner when everyone gathers with their day's endeavors and you eat until you can't take one more bite or it's all gone, which ever comes first~

                      Seems like even with primal/paleo choices, we're still food driven~


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                        I've been primal since August and I still snack. I lose weight every week (15kgs so far).

                        I must have read a different Primal Blueprint as I took to mean our ancestors were opportunists who ate when they saw food so ate small amounts throughtout the day.

                        I also eat a lot more calories than the average woman on here, but I am still nursing.
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