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  • Xylitol?

    Anybody know if this stuff is really better than sugar? i've been hearing that it's superior because of the lower insulin release, but things aren't always what they seem. Anybody know anything about this stuff? (besides what they post on the web)

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    Are Sugar Alcohols Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple


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      Marks articles on sugar alcohols (someone already posted a link) go into great detail on whats known today.

      However, the sugar alcohols are all heavily processed manufactured foods, something to keep in mind.

      Having said that, I still use them in cooking where honey isn't appropriate.


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        I use xylitol, erythritol and stevia in place of sugar and have for years. I point others to Marks articles as well. There are different qualifies of the products, look for non-gmo varieties.
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          I personally can't use xylitol. I'm prediabetic and follow my glucose closely. I notice when I brush my teeth with toothpaste that contains xylitol I get a glucose surge of 30+ points within 10 minutes and it would stay elevated for hours. That was just with brushing my teeth, I couldn't imagine eating it outright. I shudder to think that I use to eat sugar alcohols like they were going out of style years ago when I did Atkins.


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            Interesting from what I've read it is supposed to have a GI of 0 and a GL of 7 which is pretty low, have you tried stevia or Erythritol Linny, I'd be interested in how they affect you?