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  • Dairy questiong

    Has anyone experimented with no dairy at all and seen drastic changes? I only have dairy in my coffee in the morning. Usually only 1 or 2 cups of coffee with a few tablespoons of milk.

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    Didnt help at all, im didnt have any negative reactions to dairy though. If youre stalling or still feeling that somethings wrong just eliminate one type of food altogether for a while and see how it affects you.


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      Eliminating Dairy was huge for me. Less mucus congestion, a leaner face, better energy. When I eat it now I feel really blech for a few days.


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        I'm starting a dairy fast starting today and will know if it's doing anything for me within a week or so. I suspect dairy is what has caused my weight loss stall and grogginess.


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          About 4 years ago, I had a stool test to check for antibodies against dairy and gluten. I was thinking I could possibly have an issue with gluten, and even though I was positive I had no issue with dairy, I decided to test it just to do it. My lab results came back with extremely high levels of antibodies against BOTH dairy and gluten, which kind of shocked me. I quit eating both the day I got those results, and I noticed that about 2-3 months later, my adult acne almost disappeared (save for the occasional hormonal outbreak some months). I consider that a big improvement.


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            I'm wondering if its dairy that's causing my break outs. Before going primal I didn't have much acne at all (well since I was 16). Since about July my face has been braking out like crazy. Especially since moving back to the USA where I definitely have been eating much more dairy then I ever did in Asia. Hmm maybe I will try eliminating it from my diet. That sucks that I'll have to wait so long to see results. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter are some of my favorite things to eat.
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