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Oily skin with acne/dandruff

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  • Oily skin with acne/dandruff

    I've been eating primal for probably 3 years. My problem, in my opinion, is coming from too much fat(i sometimes eat coconut oil with a spoon.) Or too much fruit(some days i will eat 10 bananas.)

    It is also possible that there is something i am allergic to.

    So what im asking is if I should cut down on the fat, and do a primal low fat high-carb diet(something like Kativan Islanders The McDougall Newsletter - Acne Has Everything to do With Diet )

    or cut out the fruit and go high fat (like i've seen quite a few success stories about on many forums.)

    I find the evidence compelling for both, and I also am going to switch to lower GI fruit, regardless of which direction I go. Cutting out bananas, switching to apples, berries, pears. The main thing is if im going to get my calories from meat or low GI carbs.

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    I tried things as extreme as the Wai diet for 3 weeks, no results- 0. But that diet is conceptually very weird because it has you mixing fruit with fat to lower the GI of the foods. I just don't understand why there are so many testimonials for it, yet it does nothing for me, nor give a plausible reason it should be a good way to eat.

    I am also going to supplement 15 mg zinc and 300 mg lactoferrin. I might try low-dose b5 with Acetyl-l-carnitine/alpha lipoic acid
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      I read somewhere the other day that acne was associated with oxidized pufa intake but I cant remember where, sorry. Personally the best thing I have found for dandruff is coconut oil massaged into the scalp. As long as I do it at leasr every other day I am good. I still think that it has to do with suboptimal something though so please keep reporting on your diet trials.
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