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Any Reactive Hypoglycemics?

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  • Any Reactive Hypoglycemics?

    Any reactive hypoglycemics whose symptoms got better/went away once going primal? I would love to hear your story!

    My blood sugars are the worst they have ever been and I need to do SOMETHING! I just got 4 of Mark's books including 2 cookbooks and am going to read them this weekend.

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    Is turning into a raging bitch with a headache after 3 hours without food considered Reactive Hypoglycemia?

    Then yes, I no longer do that.


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      Me, too! My cutoff time was 2.5 hrs post-meal. Between a beta blocker and an adhd med, I stopped having early symptoms like lightheadedness and shakiness, and usually went straight to cranky, followed quickly by downright hostile. Mostly-primal eating took care of it within a few days.


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        I believe my ADHD 7 yr old (almost 8, 12/31!) daughter may be having this problem..I have started to log her "crashes" as I call them. She hasn't had one since Halloween time. Raging headache, looks awful, wants to go to bed, (this is always late afternoonish) whiny crying put a cold towel on my head mess. Then she will complain of nausea and get upset, then she will finally sleep for a good 12 hrs. I wake her periodically to see if she is hungry, or to have her drink something, or to just wake her enough to make sure she is ok. She has gotten up after a few hours to eat, sometimes she will sleep right through. I made a stink at the Dr.'s office and now have a sheet to get her bloodwork done, but I have been trying to get extra protein into her, and she hasn't had an issue since. The Dr thinks that if her bloodwork is fine, than migraines are the issue. The problem is that I know my kid. THIS kid would trade her sister for some gum, candy or other crap I don't give them...she would eat sugar, simple carbs and bread all day long if she had a choice, and I think she does trade out and have days of consuming sugar, and simply "crashes". She is always fine the next day. They also want her bloodwork fasted, which is tough to do with a 9yr old and an almost 8yr old, Get ready for school, you can eat, you cant, go get blood drawn...Will I really get some answers? She is not much of a meat eater, but she loves cheese and greek yogurt! She has even been better with some oatmeal in the morning. sigh.


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          My younger daughter is reactive hypoglycemic and I am type II diabetic. To be honest the treatment is the same for both. Eat a restricted number of carbs and make those carbs the slow acting kind. We figured what was going on with my daughter when we went camping and she had worked very hard packing and setting up and then nearly passed out. She got so low that she was unable to see. She was I think about 14 at the time, they stuffed her full of the first sweet thing they could get their hands on which was donuts and then she had a low blood sugar hangover for the next four hours or so. Going primal dropped my sugars very fast, I actually had to ease slowly into the recommended number of carbs because I was going too low and getting migraines. Once I got there my blood sugars are much more stable, not quite normal yet, but almost. The skin funk that diabetics tend to get improved within less than a week and was gone in three weeks(stuff I've been fighting daily for over five years).

          Many of my family recipes already fit into the primal criteria, so I'm eating many of the foods I always have. Saurkraut and sausage, cabbage and bacon for example. Some of my existing recipes just needed a small amount of editing to make them primal, for instance I just dropped the corn flakes out of my meatloaf and just added extra grated carrot. To start with I substituted the starchy side at dinner with a root vegie such as turnips, carrots or sweet potato. I also made more nonstarchy veggies as well. I tend to do plain yogurt with added fruit or cottage cheese for breakfast because eggs tend not to sit well on my stomach in the morning. Sometimes I make a smoothie.