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Recent Stomach Aches with Morning Eggs

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  • Recent Stomach Aches with Morning Eggs

    Hey Primals,

    I've been browsing the forums for a while now, and I have seen a lot of great posts. I have been reading Mark's blog since this Summer and finished his book in the same time period. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

    I have been eating 4-6 hen eggs (scrambled) for the past few months almost every morning during the work week. I never had any issues up until about two weeks ago when I started getting a stomach ache about 30 minutes to an hour after I eat the eggs. I thought this might be because of the cheese or butter I had been cooking with, so today I tried 4 scrambled eggs with no butter, cheese, or pepper. Unfortunately, I still got an upset stomach in the normal time frame. It's not unbearable, but it's not pleasant at all, either. My stomach ache will come and go throughout the morning, and completely subside around lunch time about 4 hours after it starts when I eat some sliced turkey, swiss cheese, carrots and an apple.

    I'm beginning to worry that I have developed an egg intolerance, and I really don't want to give up my nutritious breakfast. If it helps, most of the time I eat Omega 3, vegetable-fed eggs.

    Please let me know if you have any stomach-calming foods I could try or if you have tried a different kind of egg that works. I have tried 20 or 30 almonds and a cup of coffee, but it doesn't really help the problem.


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    Unfortunately, I think egg intolerance is a definite possibility. Others on this forum have posted identical experiences with eggs, so hopefully they'll come by and add their thoughts.

    I wouldn't pursue stomach calming remedies, because then you're applying a band-aid rather than addressing the underlying cause. Listen to what your body is telling you! If you are egg intolerant, going egg-free for a while might allow you to recover, and then you could reintroduce eggs at some point.

    If you don't want to eliminate them completely, try eating eggs only once a week or so, and see how that goes. If you still get stomach aches, ditch the eggs entirely, at least for a while.


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      I think you may have developed a sensitivity to eggs... It's actually one of the most allergenic foods for a lot of people... best thing to do would be cut them out for 2 weeks, introduce them in again and see how you feel... if the feeling is gone for two weeks and comes back when you eat them you know whats going on.

      Best way to avoid intolerances/sensitivities is a rotation diet, unfortunately it can get expensive and many people do not have the funds. But rotating breakfast choices should not be hard or expensive at all...

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        Thanks for the quick replies. Do either of you have suggestions for a quick Primal breakfast not involving eggs?


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          Dinner leftovers are typical breakfasts around here. I sometimes eat canned wild salmon with homemade mayo. Or I'll saute some ground meat and veggies, topped with mustard or some other low-carb condiment. It ain't pretty, but it hits the spot.


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            Quick non-egg breakfast ideas:

            Beef stew or pulled pork (made ahead and reheated)

            Big ass salad with canned salmon and nuts

            Baked spaghetti squash (made ahead and reheated) topped with coconut milk and chopped pecans

            By the way, "vegetable/vegetarian fed" isn't much of a claim when it comes to eggs. First of all, chickens are naturally omnivores. Secondly, a grain based feed is "vegetable/vegetarian" but not healthful from a primal perspective. What you really want are pastured eggs (not the same as free range), but they're kind of hard to come by.

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              One idea for breakfast that I've done a few times, is cook a piece of meat overnight in the crockpot on low. Then it is ready to eat in the morning. I've done chicken breast so far, but you could do it with any kind of meat. Just add water and spices, set it on low and its perfectly tender and juicy by morning. You can add veggies to it before to give it flavor, or have them separate.

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                The same thing happened to me with eggs! I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast every day for...two years, and then seemed to develop a taste aversion to them. I felt sick after I ate eggs in any form and had no clue what to eat instead. I did cut out the eggs and slowly added them back in over time, starting with hard boiled, which worked better for me for some reason. So far I am back to hard boiled and fried, but can't stomach scrambled. Someday I hope I'll be able to eat eggs in any form again. Good luck!

                ps nowadays for breakfast I usually eat some greek yogurt with nuts and warm berries or a shake with unsweetened almond milk, carob powder, a few frozen cherries, whey protein, and stevia.


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                  How about full fat / greek yoghurt?

                  Or, after avoiding eggs for a while, maybe try duck or goose eggs? No idea if they have a different set of allergens, but might be worth a try. Duck eggs are much richer though, so you'd probably only want 2 at a time.

                  Or, try IF until lunch?


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                    When I don't want eggs, I bust open and eat an avocado. I also have this coconut-flour based recipe in the oven right now:


                    Substitute butter for grapeseed oil and maple syrup for agave nectar.



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                      One word, lysozymes. These guys will answer all your questions.

                      The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 7

                      In unrelated news here is the link to the Super Mario MMA debut that we talked about in episode 6 (Thanks Steve)! *Well worth the 40 seconds it takes to watch the fight.

                      Here is episode 7 for your enjoyment. *Happy Holidays!


                      Show Topics:

                      Eggs & Autoimmune issues

                      Menstrual Cycles

                      “So Delicious” Unsweetened Coconut Milk

                      Maintain bodyweight with strength increases

                      Sugar Solution / Glucosamine*/ Paleo Priorities

                      Birth Control

                      Lose the last 10 pounds

                      Paleo vs Zone

                      Alkaline Water

                      Parkinson’s & Paleo

                      Low Carb & Dizziness

                      Show Notes: The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_7

                      Paleolithic Solution – Episode 7


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                        They talk more about it here:




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                          On alternative I like to make on the weekends are coconut flour biscuits. The recipe is really simple and you can make a bunch ahead of time and just eat them later in the week.


                          4 Eggs

                          1/2 Stick of melted Butter

                          1 Pinch of salt

                          Then Mix in below

                          1/3 C Coconut Flour (full fat)

                          1/8 tsp Baking Powder

                          Drop by spoonful on greased cookie sheet

                          Bake @ 400°F for 13-15 mins

                          Makes 8 Biscuits

                          You can also use these for various little sandwiches.

                          One of my favorites is to slice the biscuit in half and put a nice scoop of grass fed beef tallow inside. Four of those and you should probably be set for a couple meals.


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                            Thanks for all the great replies, everyone! There are a lot of foods I want to try, and leftovers are usually a possibility (if not entirely appealing). I will definitely pick up some Greek yogurt, and leaving the crockpot overnight is a good concept. I would IF, but I'm trying to pack on 10 lbs of muscle this year, so I really don't want to cut down on the intake too much. The coconut flour recipes are very interesting, I need to try those. I have heard nothing but great things about coconut products here. Thanks for the links, trypleight, the lysozymes hypothesis does make sense at first blush.

                            I think I'll try switching to some of your food recommendations (spaghetti squash? intriguing) and cutting out the eggs for a couple weeks. I may try to switch my cooking method as well and let you all know if it helps. Thanks again.