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  • Harder than I thought!

    Well day 1 is almost to a close. I didn't feel as hungry as I thought I would and ended up not having any snacks. The two hardest things for me have been giving up my Starbucks addiction(no seriously, like 2-3 times a day, everyday, for close to 2 years now!) Sickening, I know. The other difficult part is the cravings. It seems that since I know I'm not supposed to hit up every fast food joint in town, my body wants it all.

    I did have 2 sodas today, but only because my head was pounding. On top of the ridiculous amounts of Starbucks, I also usually have at least 3 cans of soda, if not more, and sometimes an energy drink on top of that.

    My rough totals for the day were 2990 calories, 219 grams fat, 115 grams carbs(70ish from soda), 147 grams protein.

    My protein is a tad high, as I figured 90-130 would be my goal range. I am concerned with how hard it is to get remotely close to 100 grams of carbs through mostly vegetables. My salad for lunch was HUGE, but only netted about 25 grams of carbs.

    I'm hoping that with better planning things will get easier. We made the impromptu decision on Saturday to start primal living today, and did not really put much thought into the full day's meals. We'll see how tomorrow goes and I'll keep updating!


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    Black coffee and black tea are much better sources of caffeine than diet soda, with its toxic fake sweeteners. Get really good coffee and you don't need to add so much stuff to it.

    Planning is huge, or else many trips to the grocery store each week. It'll work out, whichever way you need to do it.


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      Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post

      Planning is huge, or else many trips to the grocery store each week. It'll work out, whichever way you need to do it.
      That's the biggest thing we got out of today. We're also not used to cooking from scratch. Our diets made the SAD look healthy lol.

      Do you have any recommendations for quality coffee? I grew with cream and sugar in my coffee and got hooked on sugar-laden drinks at Starbucks. When I drink coffee at home, it just isn't satisfying for me


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        If you're having issues keeping your carbs at a healthy level, try adding some colorful fruit. If you're worried about sugar, snack on low sugar fruit like berries (blueberries are oddly amazing for this.)

        I sadly don't know anything about coffee, but definitely drink coffee and tea over soda. If there is a Teavana in your area, you may want to hit them up for delicious tea (warning: it gets expensive very quickly.) And if you must have sweet, opt for honey or natural agave nectar. They won't give you so many cravings, they're natural, and they will help you ween yourself of refined sugar without feeling so deprived.
        Call me cael if caeliumspecto is just too long.

        Also, though I would never say anything I thought would hurt someone, I am not a health expert.


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          Sounds like you are one of the ones who need to go gradually into the lifestyle of healthy living. Two cans of soda to stop a headache means you are seriously in need of primal living, though it will be tough. You might try starting one meal at a time - change your breakfasts over first, eat 100% primal until lunchtime, do that for a week, then start figuring out lunches for a week or two,then dinners, or maybe do primal weekends and gradually shift your work days into primal. Any amount of change is beneficial.
          If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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            As far as coffee, cream is fine, just not sugar. Buy darker beans and grind them yourself, if the coffee is better you'll need the sugar less. Sounds like sugar is going to be issue #1 #2 and #3 for you guys. It's a bitch, no doubt.
            If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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              Also, I find that sodas (fake sweets in general) trigger irrational appetite aka binging.


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                If you were drinking that much coffee and soda it's really better to wean off so you don't get massive headaches. As everyone else mentioned, coffee is much better than soda, so ditch the soda first. And then cut back on the coffee gradually (try to find organic coffee). Cream is fine, and a little stevia if you need it.

                Don't worry about your protein being high-that's a good thing! And same with the carbs being low-that will give you faster results. Until you get the hang of it, I'd just focus on getting good primal food, and worry about macros later. Planning is key, so stock up and have meals ready to go. Good luck!
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                  I buy my coffee in 5-lb sacks from the Kauai Coffee Company. It's fresh, grown in the USA, and cheaper than the store. I also buy cacoa nibs from Nuts Online, roast them with a little sugar, and add a teaspoon to my coffee grounds in a French Press. It makes fabulous coffee.


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                    Whoh, how did you decide to go Primal so suddenly? Did you read 21-day Body Transformation?

                    Did you primalize the pantry?
                    Did you locate a farmer's market to see what they have in the way of veggies and pastured meat?
                    How do you cook your kale?
                    Where is the nearest natural foods store and did you stock up on coconut oil? Nuts to help get you through carb flu?
                    Did you switch to grass-fed dairy? Or a least organic half-and-half?

                    But I agree with the posters here; IMO your first job is gradually kicking caffeine while you ramp up your primal planning. Get rid of the energy drinks first, then the soda. Protein sounds OK. Add some berries or sweet potatoes for carbs.

                    btw, giving up the Sbux a day will MORE than pay for the more expensive grass-fed meat and dairy.
                    5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


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                      If you really did drink that much sugar every day (plus whatever else you consumed on your former high-carb diet) you may need to go below 100g of carbs a day to allow your insulin receptors to heal.

                      You can still go to Starbucks but get Americanos and put a lot of cream in them. I will bring my own cream so I can have heavy cream, not half-and-half.
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                        Hey everybody, thanks for the advice!

                        I found MDA on accident while looking at functional fitness information and stumbled across an old post about prison workouts. This was roughly 6 months ago. I initially was intrigued, but being stuck with CW, stopped looking into the PB life. About a month ago, i revisited the site and was ready to make the change. I've been slowly researching and planning, but this weekend, my wife was reading up on it and said, "Let's do it!" This was the reason for the abrupt switch.

                        Farmer's markets around here are pretty dismal, requiring a 30+ minute drive into downtown to find anything worth getting excited about. There is a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods close by, so I will investigate those today. I have switched to Kerrygold butter and organic half and half, and I am looking for a good grass-fed butcher to get meat from.

                        I'm altering my approach and choosing to ease into this. I've decided to drop soda and reduce my coffee to 1 to 2 cups maximum per day. I don't usually eat breakfast anyhow, so without knowing it, I was fasting(yay me lol). I've always been fond of salad, so I will continue eating a BAS for lunch and keep dinner as primal as possible. I'm not giving up(I've done that my whole life ) but need to take this slow to allow my body to acclimate.

                        Again, thank you to everybody for the great advice.


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                          For me, drastically reducing processed foods made a huge impact even on a conventional wisdom diet. If you need to take smaller steps, start by transitioning what you already eat to whole foods, while cutting out grains and sugar. Like, homemade food from real ingredients vs. something from a box.


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                            Hi there

                            I'm certainly no expert and new at this lifestyle but I have found it very helpful to keep a little journal about what I'm eating and how I'm feeling. I have found it useful to see on paper how I'm making little changes every day to go more and more primal! Dont forget to write down the fact you didn't have that extra soda or that you chose a healthier option - you can look back and feel you're making progress without it all getting on top of you!

                            It has also helped me for when I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't know what to eat, I simply look back on what I deem to be a good day and repeat! no hassle, no thinking required. I'm not perfect but my diary helps me find the faults easily and identify and celebrate the big wins! it doesn't even take any time, I do it on the bus on the way to work


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                              I discovered recently that shredded coconut (which I don't like at all either) and coconut milk are two entirely different animals. Coconut milk has a lovely, creamy texture and a slightly sweet but not overpowering flavor. Try using a medium or between roast coffee for a while (milder flavor so you don't need as much sweetness, and higher caffeine content so you may not need the sodas), and if you like the coconut milk try using it in your coffee. Might help kick the Starbucks habit.

                              Going cold turkey with sugar and taking a chromium supplement might help with the cravings for sweetness. That's what helped me. I've been mostly primal for about three months and Starbucks drinks taste sickeningly sweet to me now (I was seriously craving a Frap for the first few weeks!). Now I love my coffee with heavy cream and no sweetener.