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Olive oil in the fridge

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  • Olive oil in the fridge

    From what I've read about olive oil and oxidation is that it's best to keep it in a cool place. So I decided when I bought a new bottle recently to keep this one stored in the fridge. After a few days it was all thick and clotted, it looked really nasty. I took it out of the fridge and after a few hours it was back to normal again.

    Why does this happen and is it even better to keep olive oil in the fridge?

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    I just buy mine in small amounts and keep it in the the pantry. It should be ok to leave it in a dark place as long as it doesn't get too old.


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      Not sure why it happens but that's normal. It doesn't damage the oil. Like NicoleP, I just buy small bottles.


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          You know how saturated fat is solid at room temperature and unsaturated fats aren't. When you cook with saturated fats they become liquid, then cool it down and solidifies again. Well the fridge is the temperature in which the monounsaturates in olive oil begin to solidify. You probably don't need to keep the olive oil in the fridge, but I suppose it does help reduce oxidation and I would recommend it for people with heart disease. Pantry is probably fine too


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            I keep mine in the fridge. When I need it I put it in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes to liquify it.