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  • Food Intolerance Questions

    I have been working with a Naturopath doctor and keeping a food journal to try and figure out some of my food intolerances. My main symptom is nausea. Other symptoms are burping, constipation and low blood sugar.

    With my naturopath doctor through a IgA saliva test we discovered I am intolerant to soy and through a IgG blood spot test I am intolerant to cows milk, cottage cheese and eggs.

    I have been keeping a food journal now for almost 2 weeks and am seeing my stomach possibly reacts to gluten and/or corn. But some days when I consume gluten and corn I feel great and then the next day - not. So does sound like it could be an intolerance or do intolerance symptoms happen after EVERY time you consume the food?

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    It probably depends on what you're eating it with and how you're eating it (bread, pasta, whatever), if it's a mild intolerance.

    Also why are you bothering with gluten/corn if you're on a primal forum on which we advocate not eating either? Drop them because it's good for your health, regardless of "intolerance".
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      Some reactions can be delayed. Especially if a food intollerance is causing consipation... you might not feel the nausea / discomfort for a few days.

      Actually, your symptoms sound exactly like mine before I went to a Naturopath 6 months ago! I had been nauseous all day long (for weeks) so it was hard to pinpoint the relationship to certain foods. Blood tests showed I'm allergic to egg whites, some vegetables & some legumes & almonds. Anyway, I know one of the Ig tests looks at the blood sample 4 days after the allergen is added (meaning, yes, there can be delayed reactions).

      Wheat did not show up for me... but I feel horrible after eating it. I don't know if it's an actual intollerance or just my body reacting the blood sugar spike it causes... or both.

      Anyway, now that I'm 6 months in I see no reason to eat wheat anyway. It is not a healthy food. It is not something our bodies need to survive. It causes more harm than good. So I don't eat it even though my test showed it was OK. ;-)


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        namelesswonder - I had to keep consuming gluten in order for my doctor to do a celiac blood test. I am just waiting for the results but have been officially 100% gluten free for 7 days. And as for corn - I am just shocked at how much stuff it is in! I am very new to primal eating and I need to read labels better!

        sunnysara - thanks for sharing your story! I am just waiting back on some test results with my naturopath on some more intolerance tests I had done. How long after you removed your offending foods did the nausea go away?


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          Your situation sounds a bit like mine. Food intolerances are tricky devils. Back when I was eating gluten and dairy, I didn't really think gluten was problematic, and I was positive dairy was ok. It wasn't until I completely eliminated them for a couple of months that I noticed a difference. After about 2-3 months of no dairy, my mild acne disappeared, and now only rarely resurfaces, which I think may be a hormonal issue. When I stopped gluten, a few months later I was noticeably less bloated. Afterwards, I found that if I had either dairy or gluten, sometimes I got wicked sick, and sometimes there were no visible reactions.

          Everyone is so different, so there seems to be no one right way to go about figuring out what your deal is, especially if you're sensitive to multiple things, because if you eliminate one thing that's a problem for you, something else that's also a problem could make it seem like the first thing was inconsequential. For me, I found that it's easier to cut everything out for a week except stuff that's the least likely to cause problems (like homemade meat and veggie soups that are super easy to digest, and slowly add back stuff). Right now I'm trying to figure out it nuts are ok for me, so I'm avoiding them for 30 days, then I plan to have a few days of nuts and see if I react.

          Good luck!


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            what is this? sensitivity is nothing but lack of exercise. you must exercise the organs by subjecting them to foods they would originally consider offensive.


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              Dado, you are such a weirdo!! Every time you post something i am entertained - does anybody else notice his comments? lol


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                I notice most of the things I have an intolerance toward are the same things I consumed way too much of years ago. A few are things that have always been a problem.

                As far as corn goes, if you're eating it whole (like corn kernals), it really doesn't digest all the way, so that can mess with your innards. As corn meal (like corn torillas), it would depend on how sensitive you are.

                With my intolerances, they're all different. With some, like sodium nitrite, I can get away with maybe 1 hot dog per year, but if I have another one 3 or 4 weeks later, I'm going to get slammed with a 3-day migraine. Others, like sulfites, I'm pretty much doomed no matter what the amount or how long since my last exposure.


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                  Dado is a legend round these parts...
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                    After 4 months on the primal Diet I was having intermittent IBS, which was indicative of food sensitivities. After many months more of rotation diets and food testing it became clear that I had FODMAP intolerance. I would recommend this site which helped me a lot : Sign In - IBS Self Help and Support Group Forums -
                    But the thing is; be patient. Food testing and how you will feel after eliminating certain foods usually takes several weeks/ months. It's a slow process, but worth it in the end.


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                      I started eliminate and challenge diet with foods shortly before getting into primal, and the recommendation was it can take up to 3 days to see a reaction. Some reactions I get almost immediately, and some 12-24 hours later.