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Crazy work schedule and eating times.. Help!

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  • Crazy work schedule and eating times.. Help!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm just starting up the PB again after a few months of being off of it. I'm going to get back into the exercise groove tomorrow and like last time, I will do it in the morning. Because my work schedule is out of whack with different times everyday, I'm wondering if just eating 2 big meals (breakfast and lunch) around the same times everyday would be okay? I get off from work late in the afternoon and by the time i prepare dinner, It's around 7:30-9pm. Because I'm beginning PB, would IF'ing for 16'ish hours everyday at this stage be okay? Breakfast and lunch are the only meals with consistant times that I can control. I'm scared that if I eat as late as I have been for dinner, that I won't lose as much weight. Before, I would do 14 hours between my last and first meal, however that was after four to five weeks into the plan.

    Your thoughts and considerations are greatly appreciated!

    - Jesse

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    2 meals is fine...and i think fasting is a good idea around your schedule. you will want to make sure you're getting enough protein and nutrients in those two meals though. there is no reason for eating 3 meals a day. i usually eat 2, or sometimes only 1 and a protein snack.

    regarding your dinner time when you get home from work, you could certainly eat then too. your body doesn't really care what time it is when you feed it. eating at night has been linked to weight gain because people tend to eat and snack more at night, not because of the time of day. definitely change your eating schedule if you want, but try to focus on eating when hungry, even if it's late. stress from diet isn't going to help you at all.