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Unsalted Tahini?

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  • Unsalted Tahini?

    In order for me to get adequate fats in my diet, I often use oils and/or nut/seed butters. The most raw almonds I can eat in a day are about 15-20 (any more and I am in some serious GI distress at the risk of TMI).

    What are your thoughts on tahini? I bought my first jar (used to love peanut butter and haven't had it in 4months) and am using it to "mix things up" a bit since I usually eat raw almond or cashew butter. I have never tried sunbutter due to the PUFAs. I know tahini isn't ideal but it's low carb, loaded with vitamins B & E & is fitting into my daily intake nicely (I'm using 1-2tbsp as a serving size).

    Does anyone use this regularly? discuss

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    There's nothing wrong with it; I use it second to almond butter for calorie supplementation during the week. It goes great with eggplant in baba ghanoush, or mixed with some honey.