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Anything to the A2 milk thing?

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    I find I'm fine with goats dairy protein, but not with cow's, which gives me eczema and chronic cattarh and can cause diarrhoea if I eat it for several consecutive days.

    I'm not bothering using goats milk though - I'm happy drinking my tea and coffee black. I feel much healthier now that I rarely consume calories between meals.

    I believe that drinking milk in hot drinks without any accompanying food is liable to cause a greater allergic reaction to casein than if the same amount of milk was used within a large meal, because the stomach acid and digestive juices won't be fully activated by a smallish serving of milk, hence the casein will arrive in the gut less broken-down and therefore more inflammatory. It's just a theory.
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      Very interesting and informative videos. Thanks for posting this.


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        Bringing one back from the dead,
        Just stumbled on this distinction, we got A2 milk on the shelves a few years back, i just ignored it as another fortified, fat manipulated marketing variant.
        There seems to be a bit of a connection forming in a lot of the Chronic disease anomolies with this distinction, one of the ones comes to mind is the French paradox, they consume a lot of dairy, but most of their herd is Guernsey or Jersey types which are predomonantly the A2 variant and likewise with the Masai cattle being A2, was this already mentioned, oh well, for those that haven't been here.
        I just did a post on an MS site and this distinction seems to also fit the bill with dairy being a contributing factor, but particularly the A1 variant.
        I don't do much dairy anyway, but like looking at puzzles, partner is autoimmune thyroid, but she's on the way into remission, so all good there. Have some MS friends, hence the interest.
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          Originally posted by rockstareddy View Post
          Why do you worry about A1 A2 in cream? Cream has negligible protein of any kind. Its just fat.
          Originally posted by jammies View Post
          From an immunoolgic viewpoint, that's not true - while it does contain about ten times less protein than milk, it is still more than enough to trigger inflammation in sensitive people. Even butter has plenty of protein left in it to react to.

          I gave up all dairy except cream and butter when I went primal. I felt better, but not great. It wasn't until I was encouraged to get rid of the cream and butter that I really felt an increase in energy. I make my own grass-fed ghee now and there really is a lot of milk solids/protein that i strain out.
          Yup. If you take one pound of butter and put it in a saucepot, melt under gentle-ish heat, and just keep the heat going, you will soon see how many solids are in just one pound of the stuff. It comes up as foam, and then settles to the bottom.

          My daughter is allergic to the protein portion in dairy, and she reacts to butter as well. Properly made ghee elicits no reaction, but as I didn't discover ghee until this daughter had been dairy free for long years, she hates the taste.
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            If you don't like goats milk, you're probably trying it from the store. Um, store goats milk tastes like a billy goat. Don't drink. Try finding a source for fresh goats milk before making a decision.
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              Some more links on beta casomorphin 7 (BCM7) for those interested in the A1/A2 milk story.
              The paleoHacks has some additional links in their discussion and Keith Woodfords blog has more follow up info since his book came out, particularly the stuff regarding SIDS

              Natural Bias » A1 Beta Casein: The Devil in Your Milk
              Musings: A1 Beta Casein
              BCM7 and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome | Posts from Keith Woodford
              A2 or A1 beta casein; legitimate or marketing ploy? -
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                This thread has made me laugh. My MIL Nana L is always going on about A1 and A2 milk. She is usually drunk as a wee skunk so I don't take any notice. Anyway she would argue with the cat if it disagreed with her A2 milk theory.
                I think that I might need to listen to her theory next time she yodels !!!!! LOL
                "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                ...small steps....


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                  I have no opinion on the matter since I don't even like milk, but I snipped this off Facebook one day. Not sure if it's entirely relevant to the discussion you all are having since I didn't read the thread. You can find the whole conversation linked from paleodrama.

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                    Cow's milk products make my daughter and I very sick, very quickly. We can both eat goat and sheep's milk products. Sheep's milk is better than goat's.


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                      Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
                      I have no opinion on the matter since I don't even like milk, but I snipped this off Facebook one day. Not sure if it's entirely relevant to the discussion you all are having since I didn't read the thread. You can find the whole conversation linked from paleodrama.

                      I <3 Mat Lalonde
                      Wow - that is super interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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                        Found it.


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                          I don't care if the casein is A1 or A2; if the domestic cow in the US is fed GMO grain its entire life while being pumped full of hormones, I'd much rather prefer the carefree NZ cow milk than its American counterpart.
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                            Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
                            Had a look at the link, it is a variety of people posting oposing views on the topic , there is no consensus.

                            Her's a couple more links:
                            European Journal of Clinical Nutrition - The A2 milk case: a critical review
                            European Journal of nutrition, there are a few things to note here, presented as a review piece to say there was no evidence of any benefit in A2 vs A1, single author from Sydney Uni,
                            The A1/A2 milk hypothesis was ingenious
                            Not really scientific language is it?, what do they call that poising the pot.

                            This review has been independent of examination of evidence related to A1 and A2 milk by the Australian and New Zealand food standard and food safety authorities, which have not published the evidence they have examined and the analysis of it. They stated in 2003 that no relationship has been established between A1 or A2 milk and diabetes, CHD or other diseases.
                            Now why do you think they didn't publish their data if their conclusions are rock solid, wouldn't that have cleared up this question?

                            However, Professor Jeremy Pearson, from the British Heart Foundation, said that the advantage, if any, would probably only be slight. He said 'I think there would be far more effect on the incidence of heart disease from switching from full fat to semi skimmed rather than from switching from A1 to A2'.
                            That's appeal to authority isn't it, and whats more it's the good old low fat authority?, so the author is obviously not that well researched as he would know that the saturated fat issue is all but dead.

                            On the face of it the review looks quite comprehensive, but anyone who has done time trying to digest cholesterol and saturated fat studies will see the holes coming through, he goes on to cite a lot of studies that showed higher milk consumption was corrolated to lower CHD, firstly there is the issue that it may actually be an increased saturated fat intake actually, and secondly how is it relevant, the question was is A2 healthier than A1, not whether milk was healthy or not. Though this little detail may be an indicator of his source of inspiration, could it be that the dairy industry was at the forefront of his thinking and if so why?

                            You can easily seek out info on BCM7, but here's a link from NZ grazers assoc that tells a bit:
                            New Zealand Grazing Co Ltd
                            The mainstream industry has claimed that it is a non issue. And this stance was supported by the NZ Food Safety Authority’s claim that Professor Boyd Swinburn’s 2004 Report to them on A1 and A2 milk said that all milk was safe.

                            In fact Professor Swinburn said nothing of the sort. What his Lay Summary did say, amongst other things, was that ‘changing dairy herds to more A2 producing cows may significantly improve human health’.

                            However, the NZFSA successfully suppressed the publication of this Lay Summary until I sought and obtained its release under the Official Information Act.
                            That was the unpublished data from the other link, I think it speaks loudly enough as to who may be pulling the strings.

                            Here's a presentation at a General Practitioners (doctors) conference, where he speaks regularly and is obviously invited to do so.
                            Not really holding back, still sticking to his line re the health issues and mentions that about 500 NZ farmers are just quietly swinging their herds to A2.

                            and his blog
                            The Veil Comes Down on NZFSU | Posts from Keith Woodford

                            Now this guy is still holding to his conclusions and has yet to be challenged by the industry, surely they have had their legal teams run through the data to try to see if they can shut him up, but somehow they remain suspiciously quiet.

                            I do understand that a lot of the studies show corrolation and not causation, but there is more data coming out every year pointing in the same direction and on the face of the wheat/gluten story which looks like it's just about ready to explode, it looks like A1 beta Caesin is the sister iceberg, and seing as just about everyone in the western world was raised on a healthy breakfast of A1 Milk and Cereal, seems like the perfect combination for the current state of health.

                            Bet you can't guess which one is in Human Breast Milk????
                            "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"