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  • No Soap or Shampoo

    Has anyone out there cut out soap and shampoo from their life and are just showering using water only?

    I havn't used any soap or shampoo for MONTHS and the other day i hoped in my brothers car and he said 'are you wearing a cologne or something?' ... i said 'no'. He said 'you have a scent'.

    I took that as a compliment that my 'scent' is as nice smelling.

    Any natural smellers out there?

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    Nope. I still use soap.

    As a point of interest, do you shower with only water, or do you do something to remove the oil from your body? (Like baby oil and scrapping, ancient greek style.)

    I have found I hardly smell when my body pH is in balance and I cut out processed foods. I don't even use deodorant unless I know I smell bad.
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    Also, though I would never say anything I thought would hurt someone, I am not a health expert.


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      I dont know too much about skin I must admit, however I just shower with water.

      I feel that the body with naturally regulate oil levels in the skin , etc. I dont know if this is true or not.

      Sometimes I use coconut oil as a moisturizer on my face but thats about it... I know others use CO in their hair.

      But I have found my hair never goes rough and dry. It remains consistently soft and never over-oily.


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          Paleo I Don’t Care: I Like No Soap; No Shampoo | Free The Animal


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            I don't use shampoo and haven't for months.
            I still use soap, though it is a hand-made soap from my sister-in-law.

            I would love to get my wife off shampoo, but she doesn't want to deal with the transition.


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              Late reply, but I only shower on days I workout..And, I only shower in cold showers, to avoid drying my skin and the chemicals in the water.

              I use soap when I shower, but not always. In fact, I use soap once a week, and for shampoo, I use ACV. For conditioner, I rub coconut oil in my moist hair and leave it there for a whole day or overnight. My skin is super smooth and no one has ever complained that I smell.


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                I do - male, around 1 inch (2-3 cm) hair.

                No shampoo and no soap/shower gel for 2 months now. I scrape my body using luffa sponge (Pic).

                According to my girlfriend, my hair is no different than a shampooned one. Regarding the body - I'm quite strict to scrap it with the luffa, especially the armpits, and I think the result is excellent - my lifelong acne-like back problem is literally gone, my face no longer is overly oily.

                Regarding the transition period - I think that generally, if a person have quite short hair it's relatively easy. Not quite for the gals (and guys with long hair) though...
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                  Originally posted by ozbuckley View Post
                  I dont know too much about skin I must admit, however I just shower with water.

                  I feel that the body with naturally regulate oil levels in the skin , etc. I dont know if this is true or not.
                  You are correct. You are referring to the "oil-feedback theory" which was disproved by Kligman in the 1970's, suggesting androgens as the main regulator of sebum output. I wrote a post about it the necessity of soaps and such in my blog.

                  "As it stands, any evolutionary argument for skin care is relatively inconsequential. From my experience, arguments of this nature possess no professional opinion with only theoretical, over-generalized and simplified assumption, and any self-respecting biologist wouldn’t argue the evolutionary function of Bath & Body Works anyway.

                  Still, in theoretical over-generalized and simplified assumption (which is all we have), we haven’t evolved any dependence on synthetic hygiene products. From cleansers, toners, moisturizers and so on, it seems hygiene upkeep is a product of western civilized progress. To my knowledge, there is no biological standpoint for hygiene products, and there is no evidence for the opposite. However, Occum’s razor is for the wiser here: dependency on cleansing, toning, moisturizing, hydrating, exfoliating, sterilizing, anti-oxidizing; or autonomous self-regulation of skin health.

                  Moisturization, hydration and cleansing of the skin is one of the most reliable self-regulating systems. It appears, without worry of any acneic potential, the skin doesn’t need help. Bacterial populations, oil control and so forth can all be farely well-regulated. For skin specifically, an article “40 Days Without a Wash” details one woman who didn’t wash for 40 days and 40 nights. There were only detrimental effects to the woman’s dental hygiene, while her skin actually improved. This idea is complemented by thousands of anecdotal reports of people who forego facial cleansing moisturizing. In these peoples, many hygiene routines, particularly discussing facial cleansing and moisturizing, include nothing more than water.

                  As reports confirm and hypothesis would predict, if you don’t have acne, you have no reason to cleanse your face with synthetic detergents, oils and so on. You don’t need to cleanse, you don’t need to moisturize. The skin will not smell, become greasy or whither away.

                  The question then remains, how is the skin care industry thriving with such contradicting information? The same as mentioned before: the western civilized condition and societal perception of cleanliness. This is the only valid argument for skin care’s persisting existence in the western world. Cleansing is not needed to cleanse, and moisturizers and serums are not essential in the absence of cleansing, since moisturizing is far more a compensatory step than a necessitated step. There’s nothing essential about it. Should the pilosebaceous unit be experiencing no malfunction or deficiency of the sebum’s organic molecular makeup, sebum is effective in lubricating and protecting the skin’s moisture content, acidic environment and antioxidant protection."
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                    I don't shampoo, but I do use a Dove for Men bar soap. I used to take hot showers with body lotion and shampoo, and my hair and skin would just feel dry for hours right after. Now, my skin is still kinda of dry but better. My hair feels better and I do use some coconut oil which helps as well.
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                      Don't use soap - sometimes just water and sometimes with sorbolene which moisturises as you wash. You don't have to use the water soluble kind. Then use water and crystal underarms. nobody has ever complained that I smell bad or funny.

                      Shampoo - sometimes but I can leave it for months. Usually just water...BUt I have insanely curly hair which rarely gets brushed but still falls into curls and ringlets by itself. Dunno how this would go for the long sleek hair types. Again, I don't get the greasies but I think in part due to shampooing so rarely.

                      Ancient romans used oil then scraped it off
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                        I'd love to ditch soap and shampoo. Every time I try to, my skin gets really dry and begins to flake. Also, I tend to get pretty bad dandruff. Is this normal and part of the transition period? I don't smell when I forgo the soap though, so I guess that's a good thing.


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                          I went almost a year using no shampoo, only conditioner and an every-other-week baking soda scrub and apple cider vinegar rinse. I stopped doing it because I got my hair all chopped off and started playing with styling products (most of which have silicone in them and DO NOT wash out with just water)...but while I was doing it, it worked very well for me.
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                            I haven't used shampoo, and only minimal, occasional soap, for about 8 or 9 months now. No ill effects. I shower daily in the morning with warm or cool (sometimes cold) water, never hot because it dries my skin out badly. I make sure to rub the water vigorously over my body and hair, then I get out. I use a deodorant stone because it's unscented and I can't stand artificial scents any more.

                            The only time I get any BO is if I'm stressed and get nervous sweating, or after sex. Both wash right off with some more cold water. My hair never got greasy or overly dry (and I had shoulder-length hair for a while before I cut it a few months ago) as long as I brushed it regularly. Overall it's a big simplification of my routine, an unnecessary expense for products cut out, and I think my skin is healthier too.
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