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Can anyone produce a study suggesting nuts are bad for you?

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  • Can anyone produce a study suggesting nuts are bad for you?

    I see a lot of people saying nuts are bad for you because of O6 and inflammation among other things. If this is true, it should come up in the large amount of research done on nuts, right? So can any of you anti-nutters come up with a study suggesting that nut consumption causes health problems?

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    I just know that when I eat nuts out the yinyang, my teeth turn grey.


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      I start hacking and have mild allergic reactions to certain nuts. I love almonds, they don't love me back. Hazlenuts are my favorite and most tolerated
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        I think it depends on the context of the nuts. What you want is balance in your body, so a few every so often isn't supposed to be harmful. Also, it depends on how the nuts were prepared; if they were roasted at high temperatures, chances are the n-6 oils have gone rancid and you'll just be inflaming your body. Also it depends on if they were soaked to get rid of phytates and other anti-nutrients.

        I've come to the conclusion that n-6s aren't really harmful in themselves, but that they're always placed in the context of industrial seed oils and industrially packaged nuts, which are processed to the point of rancidity. Even raw nuts can be decently spoiled, just because of the air they've been exposed to while being stored.

        I think if you can find a good, local source of almonds that you can get fresh, you can reap a lot of the health benefits while avoiding much of the inflammatory factors. Otherwise, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid as many easily-spoiled PUFAs as possible.
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          I didn'

          I only found three articles saying nuts are generally good for you. Since I'm pretty sure the researchers were not buying only totally fresh nuts from farmer's markets, I think you should be safe. I have never had problems, and I eat nuts all the time. Maybe some of you are more sensitive/allergic than me?

          Potatoes bad, nuts good for staying slim, Harvard study finds - The Washington Post

          Nuts and health outcomes: new epidemiologic evidence
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