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There's a new coconut milk in town

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  • There's a new coconut milk in town

    And it 's cheap, good and has only two ingredients: coconut and water. I found it at Wal-Mart for $1.48 a can. It tastes great, thick and creamy.

    And it's called "Golden Star" Coconut Milk.
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    What's the brand? Is it actually white, instead of gray-ish?


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      Very white. "Golden Star".

      It's the best I've ever had. just found this: The Wilderness Childe: Foodie Find: GoldenStar Coconut Milk

      Foun dit on Amazon for $3.63 a can!!! Super cheap at Wally World though.


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        Golden Star, right? I just discovered this stuff myself. It is good—higher in both fat and saturated fat than just about every other brand, dead simple ingredients list, tasty, and inexpensive. I don't know how they do it, considering how all the other coconut milks I've seen have jumped in price lately. I plan to see how it is poured over a bowl of mixed berries this weekend.

        ETA: Dave RN, you answered my question while I was still composing my post. Thanks! I snooze, I lose.
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          My local Wal-Marts carry no coconut milk at all.
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            Up until our last trip to Walmart - we do the Walmart/Costco thing about every three months - Golden Star was $1.28 a can! Last time they'd bumped it the 20, crap. Still a great buy though. Our little local grocery has Thai Kitchen brand with some creepy additives for almost $3 a can, later for that. I probably use three cans in an average week and that savings covers my gas for the long trip to the city every few months.


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              Thai kitchen just has Guar Gum, if I remember. Which is not an issue according to Mark. I can usually get 'em for under $2.00 at Food Lion.


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                What about PBAs in the cans? I avoid Thai kitchen for that reason also. I have Native Forest right now and it has guar. Also have some Trader Joes which I bought since it has no guar but is sadly "light". I figured I could add a bit of CO easier than remove the guar gum, heheh. I really hate going to Walmart. I do for car oil, so next time I am in there will check.

                After hearing Mat Lalonde at AHS I am no longer convinced that all legume products are deadly anti nutrients. I would take guar bean gum over PBA any day. I guess the old hippie chick anti additive mentality still lives on in me.
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                  I recently found that stuff too! It's so good! I did wonder about the BPA thing though...but I'm pretending I don't know about it right now


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                    this is the brand i get too, i like it much better than thai kitchen. it's just very creamy and 'good'
                    yeah you are

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                      Can anyone post the nutritional info for it?

                      And that's awesome. How many oz is it?
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                      Also, though I would never say anything I thought would hurt someone, I am not a health expert.


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                        Can size: 13.5 fl. oz. (400 mL)
                        Serving size: 1/3 cup (80 mL)
                        Servings per container: 5
                        Calories: 140
                        Fat calories: 130

                        Amount / Serving:
                        Total fat: 14g (22%)
                        Saturated fat: 13g (65%)
                        Trans fat: 0g
                        Cholesterol: 0mg (0%)
                        Sodium: 35mg (1%)
                        Total carbohydrates: 2g (1%)
                        Dietary fiber: 0g (0%)
                        Sugars: 2g
                        Protein: 1g

                        Vitamin A: 0%
                        Vitamin C: 0%
                        Calcium: 0%
                        Iron: 4%

                        Ingredients: Coconut milk, water


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                          This stuff is great. I get it at Ralph's. I am really afraid we're going to find someday that it's made with human hair or something, but for now it is AWESOME.

                          I made hot chocolate with it tonight. Not totally primal, but smack-yo-mama delicious.
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