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    I went primal about a year ago and have been pretty faithful since. Better than 80/20. No wheat, low carb, coconut oil cooking, lots of bacon and eggs and salad and salmon, regular exercise, vitamin D supplementation.

    Got blood work done about a month ago and have these results:

    Total Cholesterol . . . 236
    HDL . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
    LDL (Freidwald Calc) . 146
    Trigs . . . . . . . . . . . 69

    Although the total and ldl levels are both high under conventional standards, the HDL and Trig levels are very good (better than I'd had before) and my resultant ratios - particularly the HDL/Trig ratio - all show ideal on the calculators I have.

    I'd appreciate any feedback from you experts out there on those numbers, but I am also concerned about the result I got on a separate test - I have forgotten the name of it just now - that measures your glucose level over time. I think it is supposed to be like a 30-day period. (HbA1c) Mine was just within the normal range. (5.6%) Just one tick below the range where they say you are at increased risk for diabetes. I'm not panicked about the number - I mean, normal range is normal - but I am very surprised that I am that close to the border given my primal diet. Does anyone out there have any expertise or advice on this point? Would coconut-milk/berry/walnut smoothies cause this to be that high? Is the number to be trusted for primal eaters? What can I do to get it down?

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    Your HDL-C: triglyceride ratio is great. Your LDL will be large, bouyant. With the Iranian formula your LDL-C comes to 128. The lowest all cause mortality for TC is roughly between 190-250.

    The A1c could just mean that your RBC stay around for longer. Your fasting glucose may be high from a VLC diet. Those factors combined could result in high A1c. Fasting glucose and glucose following meals is a better indicator of diabetes.
    Perfect Health Diet Safe Starches Symposium: Dr Ron Rosedale (long post scroll down to conclusion)


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      Thanks, Steve.


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        Your cholesterol is almost the same as mine. I think it looks good.

        Regarding the HbA1c - I'm not sure what is impacting that. It looks at your red blood cells over a 3 month period, with heavier weighting to the current month since the older cells die and are less numerous than newer cells. So if you've been cheating a bit more than normal due to the holidays that could do it. Also from my reading and experience fasting glucose levels can go up over time from low carb diets and IFing. Don't think this is a bad thing, just a side effect.

        And while I'm thinking of it - from what I know high glucose and high cholesterol tend to go hand in hand. If one if high, the other is high too. If you can get one to go down the other will follow.


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          Thanks Linny. I am relatively confident that my ldl will be the large fluffy kind, given my DHL/Trig ratio. But if that still implies higher glo=ucose, then that's not so great.