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Food Advice for a Low Meat Eater

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  • Food Advice for a Low Meat Eater

    Okay, so I think going primal is pretty interesting. I am hypoglycemic (my blood sugar frequently drops, but does not spike), lactose intolerant, and very slightly bipolar, so the primal diet seems to work well with my body. The idea of stabilizing my blood sugar and hormones sounds great.

    However, I am in college and cannot afford ethically/sustainably/naturally produced meat. I don't mind eating small portions of meat a few times a week, but I really don't want to eat meat in large quantities because it wastes natural resources. I need a good alternative source of protein. So far, I've been loading up on nuts and eggs.

    Are there any other suggestions? Is quinoa okay? Beans in moderation? Lentils?

    I'm just starting out, so I hope someone can give me advice on this.

    Also, greek yogurt doesn't seem to bother me since the cultures break down the lactose.
    Call me cael if caeliumspecto is just too long.

    Also, though I would never say anything I thought would hurt someone, I am not a health expert.

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    i give you advice to eat more meat


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      nuts (raw) , eggs, avocados, lentils (in moderation), yogurt and some more eggs. good enough unless you are a professional body builder.
      most people get hung up with 6 pack, guns and all. dont get caught up on that.

      eat a wide variety of veggies and sample a wide variety of fruits.
      Few but ripe.